Best Money Tips: Tricks To Make Your Brain Do What You Want

By Ashley Jacobs on 20 February 2014 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on tricks to make your brain do what you want, taking a mental health day, and federal income tax brackets.

Top 5 Articles

10 Simple Tricks To Make Your Brain Do What You Want — Make your brain do what you want by trashing negative thoughts with movement and music. [Stepcase Lifehack]

You Deserve It: 12 Ideas For Taking a Mental Health Day — If you take a mental health day, hang out with your friends or read a novel. [PopSugar Smart Living]

2013 (and 2014) Federal Income Tax Brackets: What Is My Tax Bracket? — Confused about what tax bracket you are in? For a breakdown of tax brackets, don't miss this article! [PT Money]

15 Things You Must Give Up to Be Happy Again — To be happy, you must give up over thinking and excessive pride. [Marc and Angel Hack Life]

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early? — Paying off your mortgage early can mean you eliminate the stress of your mortgage debt. [Wealthy Turtle]

Other Essential Reading

5 Winter Activities to Keep the Household Sane, Happy, and Productive — Keep your household sane, happy, and productive for the remainder of the winter by planning your spring garden. [Parenting Squad]

10 Times You Need to Press the Pause Button in Life — When you need a break or are rushing, it may be a good idea to press the pause button. [Time Management Ninja]

Why Is My Internet Suddenly So Slow? — Your internet may be slow if you left downloads on or if your Wi-Fi is having problems. [Lifehacker]

5 Tools For Entrepreneurs To Boost Productivity — Entrepreneurship Daily and IFTTT are just a couple tools entrepreneurs can use to boost their productivity. [Dumb Little Man]

After the Divorce: Getting Back on Your Financial Feet — To get back on your feet after a divorce, try to leave your retirement savings alone. [One Cent at a Time]

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