Best Money Tips: Tried and Tested Tips for a Frugal Life


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on tips for a frugal life, free summer fun for kids, and cutting your cable bill 90%.

Top 5 Articles

44 Tried and Tested Tips For a Frugal Life — If you want to live a frugal life, find affordable recipes and make your own detergent. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Free Summer Fun for Kids — Keep your kids entertained for free over the summer by having them take the Pottery Barn Kids Summer Reading Challenge! [MSN Money]

3 Steps to Cut Your Cable Bill 90% — To cut your cable bill 90%, start by taking note of what you watch and what's available. [Money Talks News]

What Quitting on Maternity Leave May Mean for Your Finances — Before you decide to quit your job while you are on maternity leave, it may be a good idea to build up your emergency fund a bit more. [Credit Sesame]

5 Favorite Baby Shower Games on a Budget — Have all of your guests bring their baby photos to the shower and then have them guess which one belongs to who. [LearnVest]

Other Essential Reading

Protect Your Finances From Dog Bites — Make sure your homeowners insurance or renters insurance provides dog bite liability coverage. [Kiplinger]

Who Knew Prom was so Expensive? — Last year, the average cost of prom was over $1,100. [Free Money Finance]

How to Start a Franchise and Become a Francishor — When starting a franchise, you must come up with a marketing plan and training programs. [Moolanomy]

One Clever Idea You've Never Thought of to Save Money on a Wedding — Have you ever considered having a sponsor for your wedding? [Bargaineering]

Avoiding the Mommy Wars — To avoid getting into a battle with a fellow mom, accept the differences in your parenting decisions. [Parenting Squad]

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