Best Money Tips: Tuition-Free Colleges


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share the world of tuition-free colleges, how to decode and decrease the ER bill, and why it doesn't matter how much you spend on an HDMI cable.

Top 5 Articles

Tuition-Free Colleges — They aren’t a figment of your imagination, but they are difficult to get into. Find out where they are and how to possibly enroll. Bloomberg Businessweek via TIME

Demystifying, and Maybe Decreasing, the Emergency Room Bill — Think $5,000 for 14 stitches is ridiculous? So do we. Here’s how to avoid something similar. NY Times

All HDMI Cables are Pretty Much the Same — Whoa! Before you shell out extra for that super-duper HDMI cable -- read this. Consumerist

How to Save Money on Haircuts — Whether you’re aiming for a whimsical creature to be shaved into the back of your head, or just a typical trim, there are all kinds of ways to cut down your bill. The Digerati Life

5 Cheap Tips to Keep Mosquitoes Away — I hate them. Really hate them. Luckily, these super-effective ideas cost nothing and really work! MSN Smart Spending

Other Essential Reading

Learn to Love the Everyday Good — Our own Sarah Winfrey was interviewed in this neat piece about learning to be happy while staying within your means. Thrift Culture Now

How Men and Women Use Their Smart Phones Differently — What makes your iPhone habits different than your husband’s? Probably quite a few things! Learn about them here. My Life Scoop

How Living a Frugal Lifestyle Has Changed my Thought Process — In addition to being able to successfully talk me out of buying a similar product that I really don’t need, this article gives testimony to the power of frugality! Being Frugal

Why the “Reverse Robin Hood” Credit Card Study is a Load of Crock — The author of this post explains why he feels a recent WSJ piece is inaccurate. What are your thoughts? Credit Card Chaser

Make the Most of Getting Bumped — The guy in this article brags about getting 20 free round trips just for allowing himself to be placed on the next flight out. Could you profit, as well? MainStreet

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Guest's picture

Where's the list of tuition free schools? I ended up in a link loop and could never find it.

Linsey Knerl's picture

Ok.. it's tricky, but here's the best way to get the list of colleges. Visit this link:

And then click on the photos at the bottom of the screen. Each photo will provide a description of a tuition-free college, starting with Alice Lloyd College.

Hope this helps!