Best Money Tips: Unclutter in Under 5


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share tips to reduce clutter in a jiffy, ways to save money by not buying storage containers, advice for finding a good and affordable mechanic, and more!

Top 5 Articles

10 Tips to Beat Clutter…in Less Than 5 Minutes — It's a great feeling to come across free stuff, but only if it's something you need or really, really want. Your umpteenth freebie-tote? Not so great. The Happiness Project

Stop Buying Storage Containers — There's really no need to buy containers when those sturdy boxes and woven baskets that usually come with gift sets are sitting around in a closet — or they will be, in a few weeks. Saving Advice

6 Tips for Finding a Good Mechanic Who Won't Break the Bank — Look for local mechanics. They rely on their reputation and positive word-of-mouth to get new customers, so they have a bigger incentive to provide quality service. Money Funk

How to Prevent Car Theft — The Club is a reinforced steel bar that locks down your steering wheel and works great as a car theft deterrent. The Greenest Dollar

This Holiday Season, How to Comparison Shop The Smart Way — Don't just look at the price tag. The money you save on a purchase might by offset by the things you have to do to chase the deal: waking up way too early for comfort, driving long distances, putting up with other deal-chasing customers, etc. MintLife

Other Essential Reading

4 Ways to Unleash Your Creative Genius — Whenever you feel uninspired, tap into your inner child and imagine what the 7-year-old you would come up with. U.S. News & World Report

Creating Income Streams That Last — Although the return on high yield savings accounts is usually not that high, they're a low-risk option with reliable payments. Rich Credit Debt Loan

A Place For Every Regular Task — Designate a time for your regular tasks, like processing your daily email at 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. or cleaning your fridge on the last Saturday of every month. Get Organized Wizard

Are you using Twitter for your job search? — Twitter is a powerful social networking vehicle. Use it to connect with people in the companies and fields you want to work in. CEOWORLD Magazine

5 Financial Tricks to Close out the Year — Most everything is negotiable. Give it a shot with your cable provider, your sanitation company, your landscaper — anyone who gets a monthly payment from you. Darwin's Money via Currency

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