Best Money Tips: Unusual Uses For Soap

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on unusual uses for soap, last minute tax filing tips, and how to earn more in less time.

Top 5 Articles

Top Ten Unusual Uses for Soap — Use soap as a flea trap by mixing some soap in water and leaving it under a dull light. [Gomestic via Lifehacker]

Last Minute Tax Filing Tips — Are you filing your taxes last minute? If so, don't forget to contribute to your IRA. [Consumerism Commentary]

Time is money: How to earn more in less time — When you are emailing important people, keep it brief to save time and money. [Passive Panda]

How To Retire At Any Age — Want to retire today? Figure out how to generate a small amount of passive income each month, then move somewhere where you can live off that income. [Thousandaire]

How to Catch a Liar: The Cognitive Clues to Deceit — If you want to catch a liar, ask them to tell their story backwards. [Huffington Post]

Other Essential Reading

How to improve a bad credit history — Improve your bad credit history by canceling any cards you aren't using. [thinkmoney]

5 Ways to Radically Reduce Your Car Costs — Reduce your car costs by moving closer to where you work. [Fiscal Fizzle]

16 Harsh Truths that Make Us Stronger — Recognizing that you are the only person who can make yourself happy is a truth that can make you stronger. [Marc and Angel Hack Life]

Questions for cooks: Single-serving cooking — When learning to cook for the first time, start simple then work your way up to more complex meals. [Simplifried]

5 Reasons You Should Rearrange Your Furniture Seasonally — Rearranging your furniture seasonally gives you the chance to clean more thoroughly. [Re-Nest]

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