Best Money Tips: Use the Web to Save $8,000 a Year


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some wonderful articles on how to use the web to save $8,000 a year, money mistakes you may not know you are making, and using snow to water your indoor plants.

Top 5 Articles

Use the Web to save $8,000 a year — If you use the Internet to find the best deals, you could end up saving $8,000 a year! [MSN Money]

The Five Money Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making — Are you ignoring your retirement accounts? If so, you are making a money mistake! [WalletPop]

Using Snow to Water Your Indoor Plants in Winter — If you live in an area with snow, save water (and money) by thawing some snow and using it to water your indoor plants. [Re-Nest]

The Buck Stops Here: How To Lower Your Bills — Next time you are buying groceries and come across a product with an expiration date that is right around the corner, try asking for a discount. It just may work! [MintLife Blog]

6 Phone Calls That Can Save You Cash, or Get You Freebies — Did you know that calling your cable company and threatening to cancel your service could score you free movie channels? [Currency]

Other Essential Reading

Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day 2011 Without Breaking the Bank — This Valentine's Day, try making your gifts instead of buying them. This will help you save money, guaranteed. [ Blog & Save]

How To Help Your Young Teen Get A Job — If your teen is applying for jobs, try running through interview questions with them to help prepare them for the job interview process. [Parenting Squad]

The Top 10 Most Fiscally Responsible Charities — Next time you are thinking about donating to a charity, check out the African Wildlife Foundation or Adopt-A-Family. [Worth]

How to Budget and Save Money in Less Than 30 Minutes — Don't forget to set realistic goals when creating a budget and money saving strategy. [Moola Days]

Tips for Starting a Home Business — If you are thinking about starting a home business, you must be willing to work hard and plan your finances. [Financial Highway]

4 Retirement Mistakes to Avoid While You Still Can — Using a fixed-fee advisor can make a huge difference during the lifespan of your retirement fund. [Darwin's Money via Currency]

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Hi, it is a really useful post, I like the tip "Use the Web to save $8,000 a year ". Some tips I already knew while others are not. I use Google product search and live cash back to save my money, and sometimes I also use Amazon promotional codes to cut my budget.

I didn't calculate how many money I already save through my money saving skills, but it should be a large amount of money.

Great post and thanks!


Ashley Jacobs's picture

Thanks Grissom!

Ray Jamali's picture

Happy to say that I am not making any of the 5 money mistakes.....I am probably making tones of other mistakes :)....Thanks for the mention!

Ashley Jacobs's picture

You are welcome Ray! It is a great article!