Best Money Tips: Ways to Age Well on a Shoestring Budget


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on aging well on a shoestring budget, saving money at the gym, and budgeting when you live in an expensive city.

Top 5 Articles

10 Ways to Age Well on a Shoestring Budget — It's important to maintain connections with other people as you age. Spend time with family, keep up with old friends, and make new ones. [Cheapism]

Frugal Fitness: 6 Ways to Save Money at the Gym — Many university recreational centers offer memberships to the public. This can be significantly more affordable than a traditional gym membership. [Money Q&A]

How to Budget When You’re Living in an Expensive City — Bike or walk whenever possible. For longer trips, the bus or subway may be good alternatives to driving. [Clever Dude]

36 Couples Costume Ideas That Are Ridiculously Cheap — You only need two sticks and some string to become a puppeteer and a puppet! [PopSugar Smart Living]

5 Unusual Ways to Get Paid Doing What You Love (Even If You’re Not an Expert Yet!) — Do a trial run with a "Pay What You Want" model. You'll get a feel for accepting payment and a better understanding of what people are willing to pay for the product or service you're offering. [Live Your Legend]

Other Essential Reading

Eight Quick and Easy Tips for Saving Money Around the House — Go over your yearly memberships and do the math. Do you use them enough to justify the cost? [The Frugal Toad]

How Many Retirement Accounts Can You Have? — Fewer accounts is usually easier to manage, but there are some good reasons to keep multiple retirement accounts. [Cash Money Life]

Car Prices On The Internet: Not Always The Bargain They Seem to Be — The Internet has made it easier to research dealer inventory and prices before you step onto the lot, but be careful! The information on a dealer's website is not always accurate. [Bible Money Matters]

16 Ways to Invest $100 — If you have a spare $100, use it to invest in yourself. [Good Financial Cents]

4 Services Every Small Business Can Benefit From — Any business will quickly amass large quantities of data in no time. A good storage plan that suits your needs will allow make it easier to organize and access your information — anywhere. [Money Bulldog]

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