Best Money Tips: Ways to Become a Millionaire Next Door


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found helpful articles on how to become a millionaire next door, simple ways to show you care, and bathroom upgrades that won’t break your budget.

Top 5 Articles

How to Become a Millionaire Next Door — Work on building good habits, like living within your means, paying with cash, and saving money. [Cult of Money]

10 Super Simple Ways To Show You Care — One way to show someone you care is to leave them a fun note that will make them giggle. [Change Your Thoughts]

How to Upgrade Your Bathroom on a Budget — Adding storage and organization can make your daily routine much easier. [Stack The Chips]

14 Sleeping Tips For City Dwellers — A plush, double-layer blanket can muffle the sounds of the city. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Five things to keep in your car — Your car's manual is a good item to keep on hand. It's full of useful information like how to connect your Bluetooth devices, what the light on the dashboard means, and which kind of oil to use. [Unclutterer]

Other Essential Reading

Tips for a Stress Free Large Family Vacation — Communication is essential when there are lots of people involved. Creating a Facebook group for the family vacation will help keep everyone in the loop during the planning and booking stage. [Saving Dollars & Sense]

How To Declutter Your Technology Life — Your desktop is the first thing you see when you power up your computer — it also tends to be the place where digital clutter accumulates. An organizing wallpaper can help you make better use of the space. [Adventures in Frugal Land]

3 Biggest Fears Facing Would-Be Retirees — Learn what these three fears are — and what to do about them. [The Motley Fear]

How to Buy Shoes Online for the Cheapest Prices — Different manufacturers may have slight differences in their sizing. If you want to be sure you order the right size, try on your favorite manufacturers at a store and find your preferred size. []

How to Make Breastfeeding Easier — The first few weeks will be the hardest. Take a breastfeeding class if you can and find support among your family and peers. [Parenting Squad]

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