Best Money Tips: Ways to Cut the Cost of Pet Care

By Ashley Jacobs on 12 February 2014 0 comments

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some amazing articles on cutting the cost of pet care, saving on flowers, and why you need a side hustle.

Top 5 Articles

6 ways to cut the cost of pet care — Save money on dog treats by giving your dog carrots instead of bones. [Living on the Cheap]

9 Tips to Save a Bundle on Flowers — To save money on flowers, opt to purchase flowers that are in season or potted plants. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Why Everyone Needs a Side Hustle Even if You Work Full Time — Having a side hustle keeps your skills sharpened while allowing you to learn new skills. [Budget and the Beach]

How to Save Money: Even Your Milk Money Counts — Rewarding yourself for saving and visualizing your retirement can help you stay on track with saving money. [20's Finances]

Handling Debt When You're Out of Work — When you are out of work, handle debt by applying for unemployment benefits. [Financial Highway]

Other Essential Reading

4 Ways to Invest $100 or Less — Invest $100 or less by utilizing peer-to-peer lending! [One Cent at a Time]

Spending And Your Friends: What Happens When You Have Differences In Income — Do you make less money than your friends? It's up to you to be smart about your money and avoid going into debt to "keep up" with them. [Bible Money Matters]

How to Have a Frugal Valentine's Day Without Looking Like a Cheapskate — To have a frugal Valentine's Day without looking like a cheapskate, don't give jewelry. Instead, give photos! [Stapler Confessions]

There's more than one path to a first class life — When trying to get on a path to a first-class life, slowly adapt to making cutbacks in your life so you can save more money. [Johnny Moneyseed]

Gold Medal Roundup: Everything Parents Need to Know About the Winter Olympics in Sochi — If you aren't sure when particular Olympic events will be broadcast, check out NBC's website. [Parenting Squad]

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