Best Money Tips: Ways to Deal With Student Loan Debt

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on dealing with student loan debt, feeling less stress, and money moves for the fall.

Top 5 Articles

15 Ways to Deal with Student Loan Debt — To deal with student loan debt, take advantage of your grace period and understand your loans.[The Simple Dollar]

11 Ways to Let Go and Feel Less Stress — Saying less and breathing more when you are angry can help you feel less stress. [Marc and Angel Hack Life]

5 Money Moves for Fall — Now that fall is here, start saving for the holidays and shopping strategically. [MintLife Blog]

The 4 Key Components of Every Time Management System — Every time management system has a todo list and calendar.[Time Management Ninja]

Why Getting Out of Debt Is So Hard (and What to Do About It) — The secret to getting out of debt is to not quit, keep trying! [MoneyPlan SOS]

Other Essential Reading

Why We Need to Approach Life With the Mindset of a Student — Students have the mindset to learn new disciplines and ideas. [Out Of Your Rut]

The Top 10 Things That Could Make a Wedding a Disaster — Running out of food and having your guest list become out of control can make your wedding a disaster. [Lifehack]

5 Things We All Do That Over Complicates Our Lives — Taking pride in working hard may be over complicating your life. [Dumb Little Man]

11 Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Club Soda — Did you know the minerals in club soda makes it better for plants than actual water? [PopSugar Smart Living]

5 Books to Help Prepare Your Preschooler for Her Education — To help your preschooler prepare for their education, read the "I Am" series with him or her. [Parenting Squad]

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