Best Money Tips: Ways to Find Last-Minute Summer Travel Deals

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on ways to find last-minute summer travel deals, common ways to waste your money, and easy grocery hacks to trim your food budget.

Top 5 Articles

10 Tips for Finding Last-Minute Summer Travel Deals — You can save 50-80% on a cruise by booking at the last minute. [Cheapism]

9 Common Ways You Could Be Wasting Your Money — Check the maintenance recommendations for your car and don't pay extra for services you don't need. [Smart On Money]

Top 14 Easy Grocery Hacks to Trim Your Food Budget — Avoid the center aisles of a grocery store if you can help it. You'll find most of your essentials — meat, milk, dairy, vegetables, and breads — on the outside loop anyway. [Money Q&A]

13 Programs for First-Time Home Buyers — These programs for first-time homeowners offer assistance on down payments and improvements to your new home. [SuperMoney]

9 Fuel-Saving Tips to Save You Money Each Month (And 5 Myths) — Drive during cooler times of the day if you can. Warm weather can exhaust your engine and add to fuel consumption. [Money Mini Blog]

Other Essential Reading

Rising water and insurance rates threaten Louisiana's Cajun culture — People are moving away from the area as insurance premiums have soared since Hurricane Katrina. [The Christian Science Monitor]

5 Avoidable Mistakes in the Will You Write — Name at least two responsible, reliable individuals as executors. If you list only one and they are unable (or unwilling) to serve, your beneficiaries may have to wait a long time before the court appoints another executor. [Kiplinger]

Help Protect Yourself from Identity Theft and Email Fraud — One of the easiest ways to fight new hacks and scams is to keep your web browser up to date. [The Allstate Blog]

8 Ways you’re Sabotaging your Savings Goal As a Couple and How to Stop It — Having fixed roles in the home where you have no idea what your partner is doing can become really harmful to your finances. [The Fortunate Investor]

Conquer Your Day with Mini-Missions — Completing mini-missions will keep you motivated and pumped to get things done. [zen habits]

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