Best Money Tips: Ways to Get a Job Quickly


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on ways to get a job quick, upping your LinkedIn game, and tips for finding and using online coupons.

Top 5 Articles

14 Ways to Get a Job Quick! — To get a job quickly, hit up your alumni connections and search ads on Craigslist. [Bargain Babe]

Up Your LinkedIn Game With These 5 Networking Tips — If you want to up your LinkedIn game, update your profile regularly. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Tips For Finding and Using Online Coupons — When using online coupons, make sure you understand the return policy associated with using the coupon. [One Smart Dollar]

15 Creative Ways to Earn Money Online From Home — Sell your photographs or write ebooks to make money online from home. [One Cent at a Time]

5 First Home Buyer Pitfalls to Avoid — Don't make the first home buyer mistake of failing to consider additional expenses. [Joe Taxpayer]

Other Essential Reading

3 Fun and Frugal Get-Togethers — This summer, have a fun yet frugal get-together by hosting a backyard luau. [The Frugal Toad]

What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Buying a Condo — Are you buying a condo? Be prepared for the fact that real estate jargon is difficult to understand. [Frugal Portland]

What Is The Price Of Free? Often It's Your Money And Time — To avoid the freebie chase, only use freebies that are truly free. [Bible Money Matters]

4 Habits of Successful Investors — If you want to invest successfully, read extensively but selectively. [Free Money Finance]

7 Reasons to Sign the Petition to Repeal the Monsanto Protection Act — The fact that we deserve to know what we are feeding our children is just one reason why you should sign the petition to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act. [Parenting Squad]

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