Best Money Tips: Ways to Save Money Without Trying


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on saving money without trying, student discounts every student should know about, and ways to slam the brakes on impulse buys.

Top 5 Articles

38 Ways to Save Money Without Trying (Much) — Reading more getting good sleep can help you save money without really trying. [PopSugar Smart Living]

21 Awesome Student Discounts Every College Student Should Know About — All students should know about movie ticket and professional sports discounts. [The Penny Hoarder]

20 Surefire Ways to Slam the Brakes on Impulse Buys — To slam the brakes on impulse buys, shop with cash and be savvy about sales. [Money Talks News]

Save Money on Starbucks Fall Menu: Recipes — Did you know you can make your own Salted Carmel Mocha instead of having to splurge on one from Starbucks? [Bargain Babe]

4 Ways to Save on Closing Costs — Negotiating and shopping around can help you save on closing costs. [Credit Sesame]

Other Essential Reading

How to Make Sure Your Kids Grow Up to Have a Credit Score Above 700 — Ensure that your kids grow up to have a credit score above 700 by teaching them the value of saving. [MainStreet]

Get More for Less on Your Next Trip — Considering a work-trade arrangement will help you get more for less on your next trip. [DailyWorth]

How to Keep Your Family’s Grocery Bill Under $400 a Month — Stocking up on staples once a month can keep your family's grocery bill low. [MoneyNing]

With Ticket Prices Taking Off, Here’s How to Save on Your Holiday and Winter Air Travel — To save on holiday and winter air travel, be relentless and ship your bags. [Bargaineering]

New Technology for New Parents — The Growth App is a great app for new parents. [Parenting Squad]

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These are excellent money saving resources. I've been a regular reader of money talks news and it never fails of giving readers relevant information about effective money management.