Best Money Tips: Ways to Stop Wasting Food

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on ways to stop wasting food, how to save more when shopping online, and stupid things that improve your quality of life.

Top 5 Articles

7 Ways to Stop Wasting Food — Before you throw out uneaten food after a meal, consider different ways to salvage some or all of it. [Parenting Squad]

5 Ways to Save When Online Shopping — Let the items sit in your cart for a few days. Stores will often lower the price or send you a coupon in hopes that you'll finish the checkout process. [Beating Broke]

15 Stupid Things That Significantly Increase Your Quality of Life — Golf balls aren't just for golfers! You can use them to work out the knots in your muscles. [PopSugar Smart Living]

10 Things Every Woman in her 20s Needs to Know — It's important to know how to make small talk, especially as you start out in your career. [SheBudgets]

How to Successfully Deal With Workplace Drama — Don't become friends with the entire office; this makes it easy to blur the lines between work and play, and it can negatively impact your work environment. [Aspiring Millionaire]

Other Essential Reading

9 Essential Steps for Financial Survival — Don't make excuses for your purchases. Be honest to yourself about your spending and hold yourself accountable. [Everything Finance]

1040 surprising facts about taxes ... just kidding, only seven — Believe it or not, a whopping 90% of taxpayers with hired help lie about it! [The Monitor]

The Most Powerful Weapon in Fighting Identity Theft and Cybercrime — The best thing we can do to prevent identity theft and cybercrime is to be aware and vigilant — and vigilance is more important than awareness. [Credit Sesame]

The Five Most Expensive Traffic Violations — The fines for running a red light varies between jurisdictions, but insurance surcharges can easily run as high as 20%. [Money Smart Life]

Can Money Buy Happiness? — It depends on your definition of happiness. Money can certain kinds of freedom, experiences, and convenience. [Listen Money Matters]

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