Best Money Tips: Ways to Support Your Local Food System


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on things we can do to support a local food system, quick tips to save money this summer, and where to find $400 in a jiffy.

Top 5 Articles

Ten things we can all do to support a local food system — Look for local brands when you're shopping at the grocery store. [The Monitor]

5 Quick Tips That Will Save You Money This Summer — Make sure your home is as efficient as possible by doing an energy audit. You can hire a professional for this or do it yourself! [MoneyNing]

Where To Find $400 — If you need to make some money fast, you can look for gigs through companies like TaskRabbit, and Uber. [Listen Money Matters]

Failed to Reach Your Audacious Goal? Here’s How to Get Back on Track — Figure out why you failed, and try again with the new things you've learned and a new timeline. [Careful Cents]

Your Boss ALWAYS Notices These Things About You — Your boss notices when you get into work and when you leave. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Other Essential Reading

Skip the pricey car dealership … I fixed a keyless remote myself and so can you — Here's another instance where a little research can save you a lot of time and money! [Bargaineering]

When paying off debt, it pays to plan — Track all your spending for three months, and cross off the items that you could've lived without. Use this information to build a new budget. [Thousandaire]

Is Boredom Killing Your Budget? — When you're bored, you might become desperate for a quick fix, filling the void with things you don't really need or expensive experiences. [ReadyForZero]

Why You Should Shop Around for Savings Accounts — Go online and see what your options are for rates and sign-up bonuses. Be sure to check out credit unions and online banks! [Aspiring Millionaire]

Parenting Secrets: Promoting Active Minds and Bodies — Keep supplies like sports equipment, outdoor items, and craft goods around the house to spark your kids' imagination. [Parenting Squad]

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