Best Money Tips: Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on ways to use leftover Halloween candy, safeguarding your career switch, and saving money on holiday shopping.

Top 5 Articles

Sweet, Sweet Hangover: 9 Ways To Use Up Leftover Halloween Candy — To use up leftover Halloween candy, top ice cream with it. [SavvySugar]

Safeguarding your career switch — Safeguard your career switch by having a backup plan. [Get Rich Slowly]

11 Ways to Save Money on Holiday Shopping — Want to save money on holiday shopping? Decide on a budget and keep receipts. [Financial Highway]

5 tricks to help you save money on entertainment online — Not paying for online games is the best way to save money on them! [Steadfast Finances]

Preparing for an Emergency — When preparing for an emergency, it is important to have extra cash and emergency blankets on hand. [Couple Money]

Other Essential Reading

Best Ways to Make Extra Money: Sell Your Old Stuff — Make some extra money by holding a garage sale to sell your old stuff. [Free Money Finance]

8 Financial Lessons To Learn From The Duggars — Learn a lesson from the Duggars andbe willing to delay gratification. [Bible Money Matters]

Three Things to Do When Your Bank Gets Eaten — If your bank gets eaten, shop around to make sure you get the best rates at a new bank. [FIve Cent Nickel]

Extracurricular Activities for Children: How Many and How to Choose — When choosing extracurricular activities for your kids, remember to make sure your child has some down time. [Parenting Squad]

3 New Great Mobile Financial Apps — One great new mobile finance app you may want to check out is HelloWallet. [Money Smart Life]

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I always take the extra Halloween candy to work to share with my colleagues. It serves two functions (1) keeps my co-workers happy (2) gets rid of candy I don't like

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I love using Halloween candy in Christmas gifts. People notice that they are getting ghoulish candy on Christmas but they still eat it and enjoy.

This year we ended up with a massive amount of left over candy because not as many trick or treaters showed up as we expected. Maybe our decorations were a bit to scary!