Best Money Tips: Ways to Use Lemons


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup! Today, we share uncommon uses for yellow lemons, tips for growing basil, and tricks to make moving furniture a breeze.

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55 Green Uses for Yellow Lemons — It's common knowledge that a warm, honey-and-lemon drink can ease a sore throat, but did you know that a paste of lemon pulp and brown sugar can soften your feet? Coupon Sherpa

10 Tips For Growing Basil — Keep your basil plant somewhere bright; they grow best in full sunlight. CasaSugar

5 Tricks for Moving Furniture — It's easier to slide furniture around if you slip cardboard or towels underneath the furniture legs. Apartment Therapy

How to Avoid Waste When Buying Food In Bulk — If you don't want to pass up a great deal but you're not sure you can use up the goods before they go bad, team up with a couple of friends or family to split the deal. Not Made of Money

7 Time Management Tips For the Working Woman — Instead of carving out a block of your weekend for household chores, spend 10-15 minutes each day on a single task. Money Saving Mom

Other Essential Reading

The Frugal Wedding: How to Get Married On the Cheap — Renting separate venues for the ceremony and reception can get expensive, so why not book one location for the day's program? You can even use the same furniture and decorations! Generation X Finance

10 Wacky and Clever Safes to Hide Your Money — What burglar would bother to steal a head of lettuce? My Dollar Plan

Tips For Self-Preparing And Filing Your Income Taxes — Use a tax refund estimator a few times each year so you have an idea of how much you'll be paying. Bible Money Matters

Gestalt theory and how to build a better breakfast burrito — Who knew the life of a tasty breakfast burrito can begin as a casserole? Simplifried

What You Need to Know About Buying Bank-Owned Foreclosure Properties — Most foreclosure properties are sold 'as is,' so it's crucial that you do you homework on the condition of the property before you buy. Moolanomy

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