Best Money Tips: Ways to Watch Movies for Free


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some amazing articles on ways to watch movies for free, bridal shower gift ideas, and motivation and money.

Top 5 Articles

11 Ways to Watch Movies for Free — To watch movies for free, go to the library or use SwapADVD. [POPSUGAR Smart Living]

5 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas Under $50 — A gift basket or spa certificate are just a couple bridal shower gift ideas that won't break the bank. [One Smart Dollar]

Motivation and Money — When it comes to staying motivated with your money goals, make yourself accountable. [Get Rich Slowly]

Eight Opening Lines to Network Like a Pro — What is your go to line when you are networking? These suggestions can help if you don't have one yet! [Free Money Finance]

Making Time for Money — It is vital to make time to create a formal budgeting process and to shop your credit card business. [Five Cent Nickel]

Other Essential Reading

Should All Job Seekers Have a Personal Website? — Having your own personal website can help you in your quest to get employed. [Mainstreet]

How We're Saving Half Our Income — If you want to save half your income, start by paying off all your debt. [Newlyweds on a Budget]

10 Most Stressed Out Cities — Did you know New York and Houston are two of the most stressed out cities in the US? [CNN Money]

6 Secrets of Successful Money Coaches — Successful money coaches have spend-free days and take latte breaks. [US News & World Report]

Most Patriotic Spots to Take a Family Vacation — Mount Rushmore is a great, patriotic spot to take a family vacation. [Parenting Squad]

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