Best Money Tips: Ways Travelers Save on Trips

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on ways travelers save on trips, getting paid what you are worth, and ways to save money on your electric bill.

Top 5 Articles

8 Frugal Ways Travelers Save On Trips — To save on trips, keep an eye out for fare alerts. [SavvySugar]

12 Ways to Get Paid What You're Worth — Get paid what you're worth by asking for additional benefits such as a company laptop or cell phone. [The Wisdom Journal]

10 Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill — Save money on your electric bill by not putting an extra fridge in the garage. [One Smart Dollar]

Financial Independence Day - Escape the Rat Race with Lessons from our Forefathers — In your quest for financial independence, remember to have perserverance and humility. [Money Smart Life]

10 Tasks to Do Before Leaving on a Break — Before you leave on a break, remember to empty your inbox. [Time Management Ninja]

Other Essential Reading

3 Tips for Building a Better Emergency Fund — To build a better emergency fund, look for high yield and other benefits. [Canandian Finance Blog]

11 Secrets of Amazon! — Amazon gets you to spend more money by offering free shipping. [The Millionaire Nurse Blog]

4 Parenting Rules to Break This Summer — It's ok to let your kids stay up a little past their bedtime during the summer. [Parenting Squad]

3 Ways to Help Your Child Build Great Credit — To help your child build great credit, open a checking account for them when they are young and have them use a debit card. [MainStreet]

Jobs with High Liftetime Earnings — Did you know petroleum engineers make over $6 million in their lifetime? [Free Money Finance]

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