Best Money Tips: Websites to Visit Before Spending Your Money

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some fantastic articles on websites to visit before spending your money, frugal ways to relax, and the path to purpose.

Top 5 Articles

7 Websites to Visit Before Spending Your Money — Before you spend your money, check out Bargain Babe and [Caviar & Quarters]

Gimme a Break: 101 Frugal Ways to Relax — Relax frugally by getting a good night's sleep or plan your next trip. [PopSugar Smart Living]

The Path to Purpose — Did you know that sometimes it's easier to find purpose in life by limiting your options? [More Than Money]

How to Start an Emergency Fund — When starting an emergency fund, make savings automatic and re-evaluate your needs. [Free From Broke]

So You Want to Retire Early? It's All About the Numbers — Living smart by downsizing your home and learning DIY tricks can help you retire early. [mySHINYnickels]

Other Essential Reading

Maintaining Friendships on a Budget — Going on walks or runs are just a couple ways to maintain your friendships on a budget. [Lisa vs. The Loans]

Tips on Making Traveling to a New City Smoother — Using Yelp and Google Maps can make traveling to a new city go more smoothly. [Noob Traveler]

5 Ways to Instantly Make a House Feel Like a Home — To make a house feel like a home, embrace your knick-knacks. [Parenting Squad]

Financial Literacy: Protecting Your Personal Information #Finlit — Asking questions before you disclose your personal information can help you protect yourself from identity theft. [Money reVerse]

10 Costly Mistakes Advisors Make on Twitter — If you are a financial advisor, don't make the mistake of retweeting too often or following everyone back on Twitter. [Wired Advisor]

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