Best Money Tips: What $1 Trillion Would Buy


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we ask about the impact of having a $1 trillion deficit, share 9 ways to cook with foil, and tell about a surprisingly large phone bill!

Top 5 Articles

What $1 Trillion Would Buy — Our nation’s deficit is nothing to sneeze at. Just look at the things it could pay for in this mind-boggling piece. Kiplinger

20 Ways to Avoid the Wedding Industrial Complex — Groom’s cake and a limo don’t have to be part of your wedding day (especially if you have a limited budget). Find out what you can easily skip and still have the best day of your life! Coupon Sherpa

9 Easy and Delicious Foil Packet Recipes — Skip the fry pan and start a fire! These recipes for one-dish meals you can toast in a piece of foil are awesome!! The Art of Manliness

My Teenage Son, His Cell Phone, and the Bill for $1055.20 — You simply have to read this one for yourself. Len Penzo

iPhone Apps for Budget Beauty — Imagine an app that gives you a forecast for hair performance or one that can help you match your nail color to your mood or outfit. This isn’t a Barbie movie — it’s a real list of apps designed to help you look good on any budget! Shoestring Mag

Other Essential Reading

Micro-Philanthropy: How to Give Money on a Budget — Even the tiniest amount of goodwill can make a difference (if done right). Get tips for making it happen here. Divine Caroline

The Importance of Politics to Your Personal Finance — If you don’t vote, and you have an opinion on anything at all relating to your money, maybe you should. Here’s why….. Money Ning

24 Legitimate Home-Based Business Opportunities — None of these are new, but it’s hard to find all of them in one place. If you’re up for some hard work and dedication, one of these businesses may be for you! Christian PF

Are Personal Credit Cards Better For Your Business? If you’re a business owner who has completely blown off a personal card in lieu of a biz account — simply because it’s a business account, you may want to reevaluate your choices. Free from Broke

Would You Buy a House That Someone Died In? While it’s hard to know for sure that someone didn’t meet their Maker in a home at some point, many are opposed to living anywhere that someone may have died. What do you think? Budgets are Sexy

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