Best Money Tips: What to Do if Your Computer Crashes

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some awesome articles on what to do if your computer crashes, how to save money on cell phone plans, and simple networking tips.

Top 5 Articles

What to Do if Your Computer Crashes — If one of your worst nightmares happens and your computer crashes, be sure you know how to get into safe mode and use system restore. [Savings Scoop]

How to Save Money on Cell Phone Plans — Want to save money on your cell phone plan? Try consolidating your services. [Saving Money Today]

5 Simple Networking Tips — To network successfully, make sure you share your network with others. [Productivity501]

How To Choose The Right Executor For Your Estate — When choosing the executor for your estate, be sure to choose the most competent person. [Investopedia]

Increase Your Likability Factor — Increase your likability factor by showing your humanity. [Divine Caroline]

Other Essential Reading

Tips for Introducing Your Children to Art Museums — When taking your child to an art museum for the first time, try to educate them ahead of time. [Parenting Squad]

How-To: Prepare for the Worst Monthly — Make sure you are prepared for the worst by getting insurance. [SavvySugar]

Is It Worth the Time to Sell Your Stuff? — Selling your stuff can be time consuming. Make the process a bit faster by selling stuff online. [Cash Money Life]

8 Tips for Dealing with Bill Collectors — When dealing with bill collectors, be sure to communicate on your terms. [Christian PF]

The Best Green Cleaning Products For Your Buck — Want to be green and save money? Consider using Trader Joe's dish soap or Ecover toilet bowl cleaner. [LearnVest]

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