Best Money Tips: What to Expect at Memorial Day Sales

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found helpful articles on what you can expect from this year’s Memorial Day sales, items you should never buy new, and ways to use up “old” food.

Top 5 Articles

What to expect from 2016 Memorial Day sales — Memorial Day weekend is a great time to shop for clothes, home goods, and mattresses. [The Monitor]

10 Items You Should Never Buy New — Why buy new sports and fitness gear when you can find tons of used equipment for cheap at specialty stores, garage sales, Craigslist, and thrift shops? [Money Talks News]

18 Ways to Use ‘Old’ Food — The least appealing part of old food is often the texture — so the trick to using up old food is to prepare them so that the original texture is no longer an issue. [The Simple Dollar]

This Reddit Thread Will Change Your Daily Life Habits For the Better — Learn how to manage your time so that you aren't running late all the time. You'll be less stressed, you'll stop having to make excuses for your lateness, and people won't think you're disrespectful for wasting their time. [PopSugar Smart Living]

5 Tips for Making Extra Cash in Facebook Garage Sale Groups — When you're selling on Facebook garage sale groups, amazing pictures and detailed descriptions will grab people's attention. [Shopper Strategy]

Other Essential Reading

6 Yoga Lessons to Help You Reach Your Financial Goals — When you've overextended during practice, "child's pose" can help you re-center yourself. It's important to find your "child's pose" when you and your financial resources are stretched too thin. [My Dollar Plan]

How to Pack A Suitcase for Vacation — Plan out your vacation wardrobe so that it's easy to mix and match items for multiple outfits. [The Organizing Agency]

13 Things You Can Do to Help You Master Anything — It's hard to become an expert in a very broad subject, but you can specialize in something within the subject that you really enjoy. [Asian Efficiency]

6 Simple Practices of People Comfortable in Their Own Skin — Confident people don't see the world in black and white. They understand that the people and situations are not always so clear-cut. [Productivity Theory]

7 Ways to Make This Summer the Most Memorable One Yet — Everyone wants to be outdoors during the summer, but plan for a few indoor activities, too, in case the weather gets nasty. [Parenting Squad]

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