Best Money Tips: Why You're Not Happy and How to Change It


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the reason why you're not happy, the hidden costs of cutting cable, roadblocks to avoid if you want to retire early, and more!

Top 5 Articles

The Reason You're Not Happy (and How to Change It) — If you tie happiness to some kind of perfect state, you'll never get there. Instead, be mindful of the tiny, special moments that you experience every day. [Want 2 Discover]

22 Airport Hacks to Remember Before Your Next Flight — Bring an empty water bottle and fill it up once you get past security checkpoints. [PopSugar Smart Living]

Want to Retire Early? Avoid These 5 Roadblocks — Don't forget to factor in any taxes (or penalty fees) you'll have to pay when you start your early retirement. [SmartAsset]

Consider These Hidden Costs Before You Cut Your Cable — Are you replacing cable with a streaming device? Check the price of the device and any installation, maintenance, and internet upgrade fees you may need to pay. [My Dollar Plan]

10 Reasons You Should Skip Shopping Thanksgiving Day Sales — Many of the deals aren't that great at all. They're just a way for retailers to get you in the door to spend more. [Saving Advice]

Other Essential Reading

How to Spot a 'Work From Home' Scam — Jobs that make you pay money before you can make money are not legitimate jobs. []

23 Things the Middle Class Can No Longer Afford — With the cost of college these days, it's become increasingly difficult to get a degree without going into debilitating debt. [Credit Donkey]

3 Body Language Adjustments That Will Change Your Life — Keep your head in line with your neck, chest out, and shoulders in their natural position. A straight back commands respect, and it's good for your body too. [Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life]

5 Reasons Why It's Hard to Be Grateful — If you're surrounded by people who are unhappy or dissatisfied, it's hard to not join in on the complaint fest. But if you don't want to be sucked into the downward spiral, you need to walk away from these conversations. [Dumb Little Man]

9 Ways to Cook Squash — Squash spaghetti is a low-carb alternative to regular pasta — and it's tasty too! [Parenting Squad]

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