Best Money Tips: The Wisdom of Yoda

By Linsey Knerl on 16 April 2010 4 comments
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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share financial wisdom from Yoda himself, tips for making the best baked beans, and a quick hack for a space-saving clothesline!

Top 5 Articles

Wisdom of Yoda: Personal Finance Lessons — These are precious, entertaining teachings for Star Wars fans and non-fans! Christian PF

The Best Baked Beans Recipes Ever — These recipes for dried beans are super-frugal (and delish!). Choose from one of three great crock pot options, and watch your grocery bill shrink! Squawkfox

String an Indoor Clothesline — Those with teeny-tiny indoor spaces will get a kick out of this super-efficient line drying set up. You have to see it to believe it! Chez Larsson via Lifehacker

Couponing for People Who Hate Couponing — I laughed, until I cried, while reading this one. Designed for those who “occasionally slice your pinky open while using adult scissors,” it’s a dose of reality in a coupon crazy world. Cheap Healthy Good

6 Tips for Using a Safe Deposit Box — Thought your box was FDIC-insured? Think again. See other worthwhile tidbits here. Mainstreet

Other Essential Reading

4 Things You *Irrationally* Hate to Spend Money On — I feel this guy’s pain. If buying a restaurant meal leaves you squeamish, read on to join the club! Four Pillars

10 Promising Sectors for the Next Decade — Looking to switch gears due to an economic bump in the road? These job markets are likely to grow (i.e. hire more workers). That’s great news! Green Panda Treehouse

10 Situations in Which DIY is more Expensive — Some of these will depend entirely on your situation (growing veggies is cheap to do on my 3 acres, for example), but they all bring up valid points to consider when trying to save money. Money Ning

Do You Really Save Money By Not Always Flushing? If you’re in the “if it’s yellow, let it mellow camp” — you may be disappointed by this grossly fascinating fact-finding mission. The Simple Dollar

6 Simple Tricks to Save $1000 on Coffee Per Year — Yeah, you can make your own. But what about these other nifty hacks for keeping your caffeine budget low? Being Frugal

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I think Jason and the Captain will get along just fine.

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This is a great article - thanks for the post.


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Love the personal finance lessons. I think they will help me immensely. Thanks for the link!

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My favorite Yoda quote has to do with finding the motivation to save money. "There is no try. Only do!"