Best Money Tips: Writing a Craigslist Ad That Sells


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on writing a Craigslist ad that sells, things to spend your money on other than gas, and breathing life into stale bread.

Top 5 Articles

Writing a Craigslist Ad That Sells — To write a Craigslist ad that sells, make sure to list the condition of the item up for sale. [The Dollar Stretcher]

51 Things To Spend Your Money On Other Than Gas — Instead of spending your money on gas, utilize public transportation so you can buy a new pair of running shoes. [And Then We Saved]

13 Ways to Breathe Life Into Stale Bread — Did you know you can use stale bread to clean your coffee grinder? [PopSugar Smart Living]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying for Yet Another Job — Before you apply for a job, stop and ask yourself whether or not you are overqualified for the position. [PT Money]

College and Cost — When your child is choosing which college to go to, cost should definitely be a factor in their final decision. [Free Money Finance]

Other Essential Reading

6 Summer Job Ideas for College Students — College students should look into positions as lifeguards or servers to make money during the summer. [MintLife]

5 Tips for Buying Quality Jewelry on the Cheap — It is important to know your metals when trying to buy quality jewelry on the cheap. [MainStreet]

Turning your hobby into a real business — If you want to turn your hobby into a real business, you must brand and promote it. [Frugal Zeigeist]

How to Get a Clutter-Free Home for Super Busy People — To get a clutter free home, simply try to ditch five unnecessary items each day. [Money Saving Enthusiast]

Hilarious Infant Sleep Advice From a New Mom — One of the best times for new parents to sleep is when their baby sleeps. [Parenting Squad]

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