Best Money Tips: You're Probably Already Qualified for These Super Cool Jobs

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on the coolest jobs you’re probably already qualified for, tips for a profitable yard sale, and how to cut down on expenses when you live in a big city.

Top 5 Articles

The Coolest Jobs You Didn’t Know You Were Qualified For — If you love the great outdoors, consider becoming a trail steward, someone who is paid to maintain and preserve hiking trails. [brokeGIRLrich]

15 Tips for a Super-Profitable Yard Sale — People love looking for deals at yard sales. Make it easier for them by offering discounts when they buy in multiples, like 3 for $5. [Money Talks News]

How to Cut Down Expenses While Living In A Big City — When you live in a big city, high cost of living comes with the territory, but you can take steps to reduce your monthly expenses and eliminate wasteful spending. [Dumb Little Man]

Flying Coach? Here's How to Actually Get Restful Sleep on a Long Flight — Make a white noise playlist and listen to it on repeat to cancel out the background cabin sounds. [PopSugar Smart Living]

5 Easiest Vegetables To Grow For Beginner Gardeners — If you're new to vegetable gardening, don't get too ambitious by planting more than you can handle. Start with 3-5 kinds of vegetables that you know you will eat. [The Tiny Life]

Other Essential Reading

After Harvey, unpublicized chemical spills come to light — Hurricane Harvey's environmental assault was more widespread and severe than authorities have publicly acknowledged. [The Christian Science Monitor]

Can someone be a collector and be uncluttered? — It isn't easy to collect things and be uncluttered, but it's possible if you do your best to display your collection fully and respectfully. [Unclutterer]

New Medicare Cards Are Coming Soon — In an effort to protect against identify theft, new Medicare cards will be issued that do not include your Social Security number.  [Kiplinger]

Follow your passion is bad advice unless… — Here are a few reasons why you should NOT follow your passion. [Retire By 40]

How You Could be Wasting Money Every Month — Booking from a third-party travel site may not get you the best deal. You can often find comparable or better deals on the company website, and if any issues crop up, you can deal with a customer service rep directly. [Northern Cheapskate]

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