Best Money Tip: 41 Financial Calculators for Major Life Decisions

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. If you've ever wanted to make a million bucks from eating lunch, learn how to raise a $221,000 baby (not from the black market, either), or cook over 4 dozen different ramen dishes, we've got the goods for you!

Top 5 Articles of the Week

Life or Debt? 41 Financial Calculators for Major Life Decisions – Wondering how much that dream wedding will set you back? Curious as to whether you can swing the payment on a new moped? This article has got you covered with over 3 dozen quick tools to getting the bottom line on the purchases that matter. Free Money Finance

Minimizing the Cost of Raising Kids – Although we’ve probably heard enough on the argument of “how much kids cost,” we are reminded of the variance that’s possible from one family to the next. This reflection on the $221K total bill that’s attributed to raising a kid to age 17 isn’t nearly as entertaining as the comments. Read them. MSN Money via Consumerist

How to Make A Million Dollars While Eating Lunch – Millionaire Mommy Next Door not only shows you that “nickel and diming” is worth it, but she breaks down how to take your lunchtime savings of a few bucks each day, and turn them into a million bucks. Guaranteed. Millionaire Mommy Next Door

Certificate of Deposit Basics: How Do Bank CDs Work? If you’re not already familiar with the trusty CD, this brief overview can get you confidently buying in no time. Experts should like the tips for diversifying, as well. The Digerati Life

50 Amazing Ramen Noodle Recipes – When you run out of options for spicing up your 30-cent meal budget, consider adding a few fresh ingredients and a little ingenuity to create something extra special. With dishes like Japanese Vegetable Ramen and a unique variation of Shepherd’s Pie, you can use Ramen in just about anything! Rasmussen College

Other Essential Reading

Build a Sturdy DIY Cardboard Laptop Stand – Don’t throw out that cardboard box! It’s the perfect material for a spiffy laptop stand, and this tutorial inspired by Instructables might make a certain green-inspired, net-addict very, very happy. Instructables via LifeHacker

The Scoop on Balance Transfers or (In)Convenience Checks – Before you write out that check that came attached to your last credit card bill, check out the fine print (or this article). Not being covered by the Fair Billing Act is a huge downer, and reason enough to reconsider using these tempting transfer options. Master Your Card

Creating an “Active-Active-Passive” Income – Putting all your eggs in one basket is just careless, but waiting for passive income to whisk you away into an early beach-bound retirement is a bit naïve. This solid look at making three streams of income work together is pure genius – and totally doable. Frugal Dad

A Small Mistake: My Introduction to Two-Cycle Billing – J.D. gets honest and tells us his detailed (and not-so-great) experience with a two-cycle billing error. Turns out, what would have been a $10 typo ended up costing him double. Get Rich Slowly

Instant Air Fresheners for Small Spaces – What’s cheaper, healthier, and just as effective at beating bathroom odors as expensive chemical products? Green tea, baby! Get the hack that fits any budget (and any tiny space) in minutes! Apartment Therapy


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Liz N.

Anyone notice that the calculator tattoo spells "Leslie" if you look at the numbers upside-down? Some sort of secret meaning to that?

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Thanks for the great links Linsey. Dare I try ramen ice cream?

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You can.. but I prefer butter pecan flavor ice cream with those crunchy little Chinese noodles on top (the kind you put on La Choy canned chop suey.)  Yummy!

Linsey Knerl

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Thanks for including my article in your roundup, Linsey!

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"canned chop suey"

We're going to stuff you with real Chinese food the next time you visit LA Linsey.

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I've eaten much authentic Thai food in my life, but admittedly this Nebraska gal hasn't had much experience with the good Chinese stuff.  You're on!

Linsey Knerl