Best Money Tips: 5 Tips on How to Delay Gratification

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. We’ve got tips for making a house a home, a condo a house, and a life with less than you ever thought possible. Read on for the articles that caught our eye!

Top 5 Articles of the Week

Eleven Things You Can Do Today to Fall Behind Financially – We’ve all heard about the things you can do right now to jump-start a better financial future, but what are the things we should be avoiding? In addition to lickin’ stamps and sitting around, there are 9 other things you really shouldn’t be doing – unless you’re fond of losing cash. The Simple Dollar

Eleven Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Score Today – Ok. So there is always something you can do to make things better. In this case, there are more than ten fixes to raise your credit score, and a couple are so simple, you’ll actually follow through. Dough Roller

7 Rules for a Safe, Healthy and Smart Start to School – Swine flu is just one of the many worries on the minds of parents this fall. Keeping these seven tips in mind, and the situation in perspective, is key to keeping kids happy and healthy. The Daily Green

How to Make a Home in Three Easy, Non-Bankrupting Steps – It starts with a bed, and ends – hopefully – without a large credit card bill. These tips for making a house a home are ideal. BlogHer

Delaying Gratification: 5 Tips on How to Delay Gratification – It’s one of the number one causes for people buying what they can’t afford: they want it now. Learn how to wait just a bit longer with these common-sense tips. Financial Highway

Other Essential Reading

Frugal or Dishonest? You Decide – Returning merchandise after the return window, lying about where or how you came about your purchase, or fudging on the paid amount of a purchase are all practices that can be considered really cheap or downright unethical. Where do you draw the line? MSN Smart Spending Blog

Shopping for Home Owner’s Insurance on a Condo – Is there a difference in buying a policy for a traditional home and a condo? If you’re currently paying a mortgage, there’s not as much as you’d think. These tips get you headed in the right direction. Five Cent Nickel

How Safe are FDIC-Insured Bank Accounts? Most of us don’t have over $250,000 hanging around in a single bank, but if you do (or plan to), this primer in what is covered – and more importantly, what’s not – is valuable reading. Smart Money

How to Live a Better Life with Less – Decluttering your life doesn’t have to be difficult. Leo’s very forgiving tips for staying happy and healthy with a downsized lifestyle are spot on. Zen Habits

How to Conquer Any Sales Pitch: The Power of Enough – What do you say when a salesperson pushes to get you to buy? This quick script should get you out of any high-pressure situation without an argument.Provident Planning

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I love buying books - although not necessarily reading them :-)

It took years for me to finally take my wife's advice and join a library. Now, instead of impulse buying at a book store, I visit the library regularly and enjoy the *instant gratification* of coming home with a pile of new titles.
And then return most of them unread a few weeks later.
Silly right? Yep. But I've saved a stack of money and there's no increase in household clutter.

If a book really is worth buying, I know I've spent at least a week evaluating it first...