Best of Personal Finance: How to Make Coconut Milk Kefir

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we give you stunning detail into how to make your own coconut milk kefir, some tips for saving money when you move, and 3 easy ways to create a greener kitchen!

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How to Make Coconut Milk Kefir — If you wanted to know about Coconut milk kefir, this is the article to read. It contains directions, photos, videos, and a useful Q&A. Read it, and be a stranger to kefir no more! Passionate Homemaker

Handmade Greeting Cards you Can Plant — I’m sure you’ve seen that neat seed paper that you can actually plant in your garden. Now you can make your own version of this paper, and design fun greeting cards to bloom all year! Clever instructions show you how. Make and Takes

How to Save Money When Moving Your House — No, we’re not talking the actual house — but rather the contents inside of it. These tips are hot, and totally practical, too! Good Financial Cents

3 Easy Steps to a Greener Kitchen — You can do a lot for the environment and your health by just focusing on three areas: cleaning, eating, and storing. See how in this post. Bargaineering

How Not to Act Old in an Interview — Even if you are old, it’s best no to seem like an ageist. These 11 tips might give you what you need to sail through an interview without any regard to your real age. CBS MoneyWatch via Free Money Finance

Other Essential Reading

7 Healthy Granola Bar Recipes — These are far more delicious-looking than anything we could buy in a box (and we’re guessing the health benefits are outstanding, as well!) Daily Green

Watch Out for Wedding Photography Scams — The most important day of your life can’t come without a few precautions. Get tips you need to keep from getting scammed. Fox23 via BBB Blog

Unleashing “Unautomate Your Finances Into the Wild” — Adam Baker has launched a new ebook designed to share a simple, passionate, approach to money. Check it out! Man Vs. Debt

The High Cost of Clutter — Sure, it’s annoying to navigate around, but have you really thought about what it may be costing you in dollars and cents? Check out a new way of thinking with this guest post. Get Rich Slowly

6 Phone Apps That Will Save You a Fortune — In case you missed our top 6 smart phone apps for saving money, we’ve got them again for you! (Our fave: a clever bar-code scanner that tells you the price at all the stores you shop!) My Life Scoop

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I have discovered a cheaper way of making coconut milk. Put a half cup of coconut in the mixer/blender with warm water and blend for 5 minutes. Strain through thin cotton cloth. If you want some thinner milk, reuse the coconut for a second washing. I just love this coconut milk, it has a great texture and taste . I have not tried sugar content for kefir, but it is great to drink as it is.