Best of Personal Finance Roundup: 14 Great Ways to Be Miserable


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we share the 14 ways to ensure you'll stay miserable, 3 cool tricks to finding online deals with Google, and whether sea salt is really better than table salt!

Top 5 Articles

14 Great Ways to be Miserable — You probably know at least one of them: people who seem to love being miserable. Chances are, however, that they weren’t always that way. See what it takes to stay in a permanent funk, and check the list to be certain you aren’t headed down that road yourself! Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

3 Reasons Why the Average Joe Is a Bad Investor — Full of more than just fortune-cookie wisdom, this article takes a refreshing look at why you may be making some subpar investing decisions — and how you can change for the better! Personal Finance Ninja

3 Ways to Find a Cool Deal Using Google — You don’t have to be a Boolean genius to use these tips. They’re clever and convenient! Mighty Bargain Hunter

Sea Salt vs. Table Salt: Is One Better Than the Other? This is strangely reminiscent of the butter vs. margarine debate, but the info is fresh and intuitive. Health Theory

How to Choose the Best Financial Advisor/Planner for You — We all have unique financial goals and needs, but the basics for finding a legit CFP are pretty standard across the board. Read them all here. Good Financial Cents

Other Essential Reading

Top Phobias of 2010 — Scared of pickles? Think mittens are terrifying? This list might not contain these more fascinating phobias in the world, but it’s an enlightening read, nonetheless. MSN Health

Four Cheap and Healthy Grains — Looking to liven up your meals with some healthy carbs that won’t bust your budget? Check out the fave four of GRS staff writer April Dykman. Get Rich Slowly

Breaking Up is Easy to Do: 21 Terrible Valentine’s Gifts — For anyone who reads this list and doesn’t get it: These gifts are inappropriate for ANY occasion (except if you are anxious to speed up a split up). Coupon Sherpa

Renting 101: What You Should Know Before You Sign — Those of us who’ve rented a few times won’t be surprised by anything on this list. I’d suggest it to anyone, however, who’s new to the game or are unsure where they went wrong the last time. Foreigner’s Finances

4 Reasons We Get Ripped Off — I’m not certain that all American stink at math, but I’ll safely assume that it is a legitimate reason for so many of us making money mistakes. See what the other three reasons are in this post by Liz Pulliam Weston. MSN Money

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