Best Money Tips: 16 Ways Not to Blow Your Tax Refund

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share the ultimate guide to greening your home, 14 gadgets that may or may not be green, and 16 ways to NOT blow your tax refund!

Top 5 Articles

The Ultimate Guide to “Greening” Your Home (and the Juicy Tax Breaks, too!) — We love this list of real-life applications designed to save money and the environment. The Construction Paper

Are These 14 Gadgets Green or “Green?” — This slideshow features some pretty nifty stuff, but is it really eco-friendly? Or just the same hue as a typical garden-variety frog? Tom’s Guide

Excuses — Why aren’t you saving for your kid’s future? Could it be one of these very popular excuses? See the other side for some enlightening learning! Pete the Planner

Selling Lending Club Loans to Reduce Risk — This is an eye-opening look at getting out of a tanking market. It can be applied to lending clubs or anything you just don’t feel comfortable staying in for along. Five Cent Nickel

16 Ways Not to Blow Your Tax Refund — A lot of people squander their refund, assuming that it’s “free” money. But it’s not — it’s YOUR money! Frugal Dad

Other Essential Reading

Know Your Limitations When You Do It Yourself — I’m all for a good DIY weekend, but there are some things better left to the professionals. Mighty Bargain Hunter

5-Minute Kitchen Clean: The Toaster — I’m guessing that yours is pretty gross right now. Why not take 5 minutes and clean it the right way? 30 Minute Martha

Working Americans Have Almost No Retirement Savings — Scary, but true! Before you despair, no that you are not alone, and get back on track with confidence! Bargaineering

Dirty Dentist Secrets Revealed — This icky article feels like a Dateline undercover expose. Good tips, but not a reason to delay your appointment another 6 months. Keep your appointment! Mainstreet

Tips for Gardening with Young Children — So many of us have embraced a garden as a frugal way to eat well this year. But what if you have tiny tykes that could keep you from being super-productive? These tips are keepers.  Parenting Squad

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Definitely the gardening with young children is something to consider. In the old days, I have found it very very efficient to use different concepts that relate to a child's youth. Seeing that as an internal perspective of course.