Best Money Tips: 23 Ways Restaurants Save Money


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share 23 sneaky ways restaurants save money, how to start a square foot garden, and the basic differences between a contemporary and classic resume style!

Top 5 Articles

Recipe for Survival: 23 Ways Restaurants Save Money — From putting only iceberg in your salad, to giving you fake veal, there are some sneaky ways that restaurants are able to stay afloat in this economy. Read and be enlightened. Coupon Sherpa

Great Lessons from Great Men — JD reads. (A lot). This handy post takes some of the best tips from experts, and puts them into digestible chunks you can use. (Sort of a Cliff Notes for personal finance.) Get Rich Slowly

Square Foot Garden Fever — I’m already getting happy thinking about planting my garden next year, and I’m partial to the square foot garden technique I keep hearing about. Not sure if it’s for you? Check out this blog post on the perks of the square-foot plan. Photos included! Being Frugal

2 Killer Cover Letter Formats: Classic and Contemporary — Forget using those templates that come with your Microsoft Word program. Get to know the right time to use each of the two most common styles of cover letters, and why each has it’s own perks! Squawkfox

15 Tech Flops from the Last Decade — Remember the Apple Power Mac G4 Cube? Neither do we. That’s why it (and 14 others) made the list. Main Street

Other Essential Reading

20 Foods that Freeze Surprisingly Well..and 20 That Don’t — Not that I was ever tempted to freeze mayo, but in case you’re wondering — you can (just make sure it’s in something, like a casserole). Check the total list for all the details. DIY Life

AT&T Lowers Monthly Cost for Unlimited Talk and Data — What? A company that is actually lowering costs? Even though this change doesn’t affect the majority of AT&T users, it’s still welcome news! My Two Dollars

Should You Ditch Your Bank? If you’re tired of the drama surrounding some of the country’s biggest banks, you may be thinking about switching to a smaller one. But will it matter? MSN Money

Single Serving Pie-in-a-Jar — Just like those tiny, customized desserts at the nicer restaurants (only you make this at home), we love this idea for making personalized pies that won’t tempt you to eat more than you need! Our Best Bites via LifeHacker

Top Tips for Feeding Your Family on a Budget — We get that buying in bulk can save money, but there are some other fine tips you should be aware of, as well. “Use every scrap” is a rule of thumb at our house! Market Watch

Bargain Babe’s Anniversary Giveaway — Her blog is turning one this next week, and to celebrate she is giving away a bunch of great prizes! See details at the site. Bargain Babe

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It is really an eye opener to discover how resturants save money. I could insist on better deal next time.