Best of Personal Finance Roundup: 3 Ways to Prepare for the Card Act

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we get you ready for the new Credit Card Act, share an awesome recipe for peanut butter power bars, and help you shop for disability insurance. 

Top 5 Articles

3 Ways to Prepare for the Card Act — We’ve known about it for some time, but is there something you should be actively doing to get ready? See these quick but effective tips to managing your credit in the face of change. (Handy graphic, included.) Bill Shrink

2011 Federal Income Tax Brackets (Projected) — Speaking of change, it’s continuing to affect our finances, especially in the subject of taxation. See where you may be affected in the (projected) upcoming tax brackets. Five Cent Nickel

Peanut Butter Power Bars — Wow! These whole wheat bars are sweetened with maple syrup. Does it get any better than this? Salt and Chocolate

What to Look for In a Disability Insurance Policy — So much to think about, and yet, if you know your needs, shopping for disability insurance can be simple! Wall Street Journal via Free Money Finance

A Bride’s Lifesaver: Wedding Planning Templates — Before you rush out to buy an overpriced paper wedding planner, check out the free ones whipped up by Google Docs! Real Simple

Other Essential Reading

Realistic Expectations for Making Money Through Blogging — Dreaming will only get you so far. Hard work (may) take you the rest of the way towards making some cash with your blog. Consumerism Commentary

Tips and Tricks: Shopping Seasonal Sales — Wondering when the best time to buy a new set of tires or an electric blanket will be? Wonder no more. This list lays it all out! Mummy Deals

When Living Cheap Catches up with You — Procrastination of the inevitable (like repairs) can only offer you a delay in paying for what you need. What do you do when everything comes due at once? Follow these steps for a bit more proactive approach. The Simple Dollar

Don’t Sign Your Soul Over to Student Loan Debt — This story scares me a little, especially since it could potentially affect so many of our professionals. See the details of how one graduate now carries a $555,000 student-loan burden. Wall Street Journal via Consumerist

Donating Breast Milk to Haiti — Should you, or shouldn’t you? If you’ve got milk to spare, read this article before you consider shipping your share. Parenting Squad

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