Best of Personal Finance Roundup: 5 Ways to Reduce How Much You Need to Retire by $300,000


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we look at how you can reduce your necessary retirement bill by $300,000, 12 tips for being the best thrift store shopper, and America's most expensive cities to live in.  We'll even give you 100 of the best posts for personal growth in 2010!

Top 5 Articles

Five Ways to Reduce How Much You Need to Retire by $300,000 – That’s a lot of cash to not have to come up with, but can it be done?  With this handy formula and some realistic tips for cutting costs, most people can find a comfortable retirement within their reach.  Millionaire Mommy Next Door

12 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping – If you don’t take away anything else from this piece, remember to leave the kids at home.  You’ll be in touch with your inner frugalist (and can commit to buying only stuff you need) in no time.  Simple Mom

Radical New Year’s Financial Revolutions – Yes, we know you’re thinking “resolution”, but don’t you think its’ time for something radical in 2010?  If so, check out this list of crazy, but effective, ways to make some real change in the New Year.  Main Street

Consumerist’s Top 10 Ads of 2009 – As if the Geico stack of bills with the annoyingly catchy theme song needs anymore recognition, Consumerist has added it to their list of the top 10 ads last year.  You can even download the song when you’re done reading about it!  Consumerist

America’s Most Expensive Cities – Those of you living in one of these 10 spendy metro areas, are probably not surprised.  Get the run-down on where it costs more to do less, and see what a cup of coffee may run you in these locations!  Forbes via Five Cent Nickel

Other Essential Reading

Would You Willingly Lose 25% of Your Money? Chances Are You Already Do – We’re not talking about taxes, here.  You’ll be surprised to see where a quarter of many American’s money goes, and what steps you can take to make sure you keep more of it next time.  Gen X Finance

DIY Weekend: Save with Spray Paint – It’s not just for graffiti, anymore… See what trendy tricks you can perform with a can of spray paint and 48 hours of drying time.  Ideas include lamp bases, coffee tables, and more!  All You

101 Retailers that Have Gone Mobile – Shopping on the fly can leave you desperately trying to access a retailer’s website from you mobile phone.  This amazing list of mobile applications and phone-friendly sites can keep give you up-to-the-minute pricing info from anywhere you travel!  Coupon Sherpa

The Ultimate Personal Growth Guide: 100 Best Posts – Sometimes you just have to leave it to others to say the important things in life. This roundup of 100 stellar links to other blogs gives you a week’s worth of personal growth reading you might actually enjoy.  Good Life Zen

Virtues of a Chef: Thrift – What can today’s guy do with a $10 whole chicken and a little bit of thrifty advice?  Apparently, a lot.  Check out this delicious rendition of chili-rubbed chicken and two other tasty dishes for the cash-strapped foodie man in your life.  Men’s Health

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