Best of Personal Finance Roundup: 50+ Cheap and Healthy Party Foods for the Super Bowl

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we share over 50 cheap and healthy party foods you can serve during the "Big Game", why bonds may not be the safe investment you thought they were, and how you can use a bowl of rice and some rubbing alcohol to (possibly) save that waterlogged cell phone.

Top 5 Articles

Super Bowl Recipes: 50+ Cheap and Healthy Party Foods — Looking for a few delicious Big Game dishes that won’t clog an artery (or two)? Check out this fabulous list from the pros. Cheap Healthy Good

Bond Warning: Why Your ‘Safe’ Investment Isn’t So Safe — These five tips will help you navigate what could be a rough time ahead: Accept that bonds will not provide a high return; in fact, the annual return percent will likely be cut in half. CBS MoneyWatch

How to Dry Out (and Hopefully Save) Wet Electronics — Cell phone in the toilet? Not good. Thankfully, this quick hack involving rice and rubbing alcohol may be all you need to get texting again. Unplggd

The Ultimate Frugal Home Office — Wow! Talk about making the most of what you have. This tip for converting a rather small closet into a home office (with photos) is truly inspirational. Claustrophobes, beware! Frugal Dad

7 Tips for Leading a Balanced Blogger Life — We know that many of our readers are also bloggers, so we present this insightful article on how to do it all! Mom Advice

Other Essential Reading

Does a Credit Score Matter to Someone Living a Debt-Free Lifestyle? A reader writes in with a very simple question. Read the interesting answer on Trent’s blog. The Simple Dollar

Reality Breakdown: Raises on Lowered Budgets? Asking for more money may be out of the question, but this nifty list of perks are always an option when payrolls are frozen. (We’re loving the “job title change.”) Work Awesome via TIME: It’s Your Money

Insider’s Look at Drug and Vitamin Expiration Dates — Do you really need to toss that expired bottle of pain reliever? Maybe, maybe not. Get the details from someone who really knows. Bargaineering

What are Tax Consequences of Bartering? Whoa! Did you know that bartering is not exempt from taxes? Get primed on the law, in this quick-to-read post that all aspiring barterers should know about. WalletPop

Making the Most of What You Have — Using up the last little bits of the shampoo bottle or recycling broken crayons are just two fabulous ways mentioned to streamline, simplify, and save! Money Saving Mom

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Thanks so much for including my post, you guys. Happy Super Bowl!

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That wet electronics one could be extremely useful. I once dropped an iPod Nano into a half cup of water and it was fine. Go Apple!

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Really great article! Thanks for sharing the roundup!

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i am really interested in this article. i would like to learn more about this.

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I'm in rage that i didn't read you rpost before the fantastic Super Bowl sunday. We had a great day anyway with great food.-)

But i'm on to your blog now and i'll be waiting for more tips.