Best Money Tips: 50 Personal Finance Bloggers to Watch in 2010

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share the 50 personal finance bloggers you should be looking out for in 2010, a nifty recipe for "primal" trail mix, and 15 easy ways to make $1K a month!

Top 5 Articles

50 Personal Finance Bloggers to Watch in 2010 — Personal finance blogs are growing at a record number, and generally, this is a good thing. There is a wider array of perspectives to learn from, community to be a part of, and places to chat and get to know people. But where do you even begin? This list is a must-read for anyone looking to amp up their Feed Readers with high-quality stuff. Bible Money Matters

Identify and Overcome Money Anxiety and Stress in Relationships — This blogger shares a bit of personal history to help us put things into context, then goes on to give some really spot-on advice! If you’re in a relationship (or hope to be), this is must-read information. Debt Free Adventure

Sweet and Salty Primal Trail Mix — Nothing says “natural” like this homemade blend of nuts, fruits, and spices! Yum! Mark’s Daily Apple

Can You Recycle Your Car? We reuse and repurpose most everything else these days, so why not? Read on for how practical it will be to do so, and see how much of your car is already recycled! Big Green Purse

The Most Important Success Tip: Stop Lying Down with Dogs, Already — The company you keep doesn’t just say a lot about you, it can also limit your success. This article is full of anecdotes and wisdom we all could benefit from. CopyBlogger

Other Essential Reading

15 Easy Ways to Make an Extra $1k a Month — Some of these tips are pretty common (walking dogs, housesitting), but others are rather unique. If you’re fortunate enough to be a part-time promotional model or Feng Shui expert — go for it! Main Street

11 Ways to Save Money Grocery Shopping — Most of these tips revolve around a key method to avoid overspending: avoiding temptation. Stay away from items you don’t need with these nifty pointers! Girl with Red Balloon via Consumerist

Roadblocks: The Dangerous Driving Habits We Can’t Shake — Talking on the phone while driving? Driving with your knees while applying Arby’s sauce to your curly fries? Which ones are you guilty of, and why do we do it? Divine Caroline

The Frugal Map — Looking to score great grocery deals and freebies, but tired of reading through sales that aren’t available in your area? This cool tool features 35 bloggers across the country (more coming soon) to help you find deals that apply to your area only. You can also visit store-specific bargains and search within several blogs. Bargain Briana via Common Sense with Money

How to Report Tax Fraud and Tax Cheats — If you’re into this kind of thing, there are instructions on becoming a whistle-blower. (You could even earn a cash reward for your efforts!) Bargaineering

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Thanks for linking to my list of 50 personal finance bloggers to watch in 2010. Hopefully people will find some new blogs to read!

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All of your choice are very prolific writers. Good job.

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Thanks for linking to the Frugal Map! It is much appreciated! I'm adding more bloggers to other states soon!