Best Money Tips: 8 Money Tips I Learned from Clark Griswold and Christmas Vacation


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. This time, we examine 8 money tips learned from the movie "Christmas Vacation," how to buy a blu-ray player, and 75 Twitter tips from today's small business moms!  Enjoy our picks, and have a stellar New Year!

Top 5 Articles

8 Money Tips I Learned from Clark Griswold and Christmas Vacation – When a blogger can tie quirky lines about the Jelly of the Month Club back to emergency savings, you know you have a cheeky (and worthwhile) read on your hands! Foreigner’s Finances

12 Sources for Free 2010 Printable Calendars – Those of us with ink to spare might enjoy this list of kicky calendars for all personalities. Various sizes and styles are available! TipHero

Budget Coffee and Cigarettes with Gift Cards and Save a Fortune – Who says you have to give up your pack-a-day habit to stay under budget? This clever tip to utilize a gift card is an efficient way to know just how much you’ll be set back. Suburban Dollar

How to Buy a Blu-Ray Player – So you’ve given in to the fact that Blu is better. Now what will you do? Check out this handy guide for getting the most for your money – reviews of popular models, included! PC Mag

Building a Dog House Step-by-Step – This article gives you everything you need to construct a worthy home for your most loyal companion. Shop your local salvage yard or Re-Store for even more savings! Grit Magazine

Other Essential Reading

75 Top Twitter Tips from Today’s Small Business Moms – Moms know more than diapers and playdates. These social-media savvy business women have Twitter down, too! Read all the best advice your Mom never gave you. OpenForum

10 Tips To Be Assured of a Website’s Security When Shopping Online – Some of these tips have been covered before, but their importance never gets old. Refresh your shopping savvy before the new shopping year! Free Money Finance

Happy New Year Black-Eyed Pea Soup – Black-eyed peas aren’t a fave of mine, but this super easy, frugal soup for the crockpot looks divine! Dig in. A Year of Slow Cooking

Stay Committed to Your Resolutions: The Best Places to Find Help – Making a resolution and keeping it are two very different things. Arm yourself with the support you need using this handy list of resources. AOL Holiday Guide

Free Phone and Online Tools for Dieters – I personally used to love an outdated calorie-counting iPhone app, but there are so many other tools available these days! See which ones you can use, for free! Smart Spending

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Hey Linsey -

Thanks for the link! Maybe I can fit Clark Griswold into future posts as well.

Here's to a great 2010!

-Austin @ Foreigner's Finances

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Hi Linsey,

Thanks for the link to our printable calendars roundup.

Love Wise Bread.


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they weren't my favorite, either, but I *promise* that this is a good way to eat them. AND, they are uber-healthy, and have a promise of luck and prosperity, which is always a good thing. :-0

thank you for the link!

xoox steph