Best Money Tips: 9 Secret Ways to Persuade and Influence People


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money TIps roundup. Today, we offer 9 secret ways to get what you want, over 100 tips for saving money in 2010, and a killer guide to your first dinner party! And who can live without our discovery of eating oatmeal — on a sandwich!

Top 5 Articles

9 Secret Ways to Persuade and Influence People — If pleading “pretty please with a cherry on top” isn’t getting you your own way, consider this handy guide in the art of persuasion. (You may not even realize that you’re using many of the tips, already!) Dumb Little Man

Dinner Party for Beginners — In addition to a few mouth-watering recipes, this fabulous menu gives you 10 of the best party prep tips we’ve seen yet! Dig in! Chow

101 Ways to Cut Your Spending This Year — Many of these are things we all do every day. But others (like Angel Food Ministries and buying whole sides of beef) may be new to you. Scan this list to see what you may be missing! Being Frugal

5 Way to Find the Joy of Cooking For One — I can’t remember ever cooking for just myself, but I may have to someday. For those who’ve lost the inspiration to make meals daring when you’re dining solo, this list is a handy and encouraging treat! Divine Caroline

Healthy Breakfast Idea: Rethinking Oatmeal — Just when I thought I knew everthing there was to do with oatmeal, this blogger goes and makes it into…a sandwich? Check out this ultra, high-fiber alternative to scooping it out of a bowl. The Smarter Wallet

Other Essential Reading

10 Uncluttering Things to Do Every Day — #1 on this list is make your bed. If you have the courage to read on, there are several other “you know you should” tasks that will truly make your life easier (especially if you have pets). Just do it! Unclutterer

11 Creative Ways to Reuse Packing Peanuts — Wow! We never knew all the clever ways you could use those annoying little things. Save them from a landfill and save money, too! The Daily Green

How to Save Money On Your Commute — Not only does this post cover the basics of alternative transportation (which I’m sure we’re all familiar with), but it gives good external links and some great motivation for making the switch. Saving for Serenity

The 20-Something Guide to Financial Potholes — While many of these mistakes can be easily made in our 30’s…they are great to be aware of at any age! Check out the debut of a new blog with this eye-opening post! Untemplater

How to Follow the Entire Personal Finance Blogosphere — There’s an easier way to track all your favorite blogs’ new posts (and discover new stuff daily). Learn to use this handful of great aggregate sites, and see what’s going on all over the PF world! Automatic Finances

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