Best Money Tips: Credit Score Urban Legends Busted!

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we debunk those irritating credit score myths, share 10 kids foods that are nutritionally-misleading, and get you started on an interruption-free work day! 

Top 5 Articles

Credit Score Urban Legends: Busted! — Did you hear the one about how checking your credit score will actually lower it? False. Read the rest in this must-know list. Mint

10 Kid Foods You Think Are Healthy, but are Not — Hold up! Before you start packing candy-flavored yogurt cups in your child’s lunch box, read this article to get the scoop on the real nutritional value — if any. Yahoo! Shine

Homemade Garlic Ranch Dressing (Dairy-Free) — This yummy dressing costs just 72 cents to whip up and will be super tasty over fresh veggies this summer! $5 Dinners

9 Ways to Handle Interruptions Like a Pro — Me, distracted? I admit to finding more and more time for LOL Cats and Facebook these days. These tips could really come in handy! Stepcase Lifehack

10 Steps for Financial Success for a Minimum Wage Earner — This oldie, but goodie, still holds some awesome tips! Plus, check out the long list of reader comments for even more insight. The Simple Dollar

Other Essential Reading

How to Give Your Child An Allowance — Not everyone agrees on the finer points of giving an allowance, but this article shares some solid foundations for getting the job done right. Gather Little By Little

Top 10 Ways to Save When Shopping Online — If you’re not already doing all TEN of these things, you could be leaving money on the table. Know what you should be doing every time you shop. Maximizing Money

Make Your Own Baby Food — It’s ridiculous what companies can charge for a tiny jar of mashed up mac and cheese. And yet, we continue to pay for it! See how you can skip the commercial alternative altogether in this great post! Smart Spending

Paper Budget for Your Pocket — If you’re not totally cool with origami (i.e., your paper folding leaves much to be desired), you’ll still be able to benefit from this cool little budget you can carry in your wallet. Fiscal Geek

9 Great Reasons to Drink Water, and How to Form the Water Habit — There’s a great reason for every glass you need to drink each day — plus one. Get the real scoop on H20, and find out how to make the habit stick — for good! Dumb Little Man

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I always love the article roundup so I don't have to do as much searching for the good stuff. Thanks for the link to the credit score myths - great post.

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Thank you very much for providing this great list of financial articles and for including our article. We really appreciate it.

I especially like the 9 great reasons to drink water, as I guzzle water all day long like it's liquid gold, so it's nice to see how good it is for you.