Best Money Tips: DIY Hotdog and Hamburger Buns


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we give you a great recipe for homemade buns, the secret to loving your home again, and a plan for getting your grocery budget under control  — in 31 days!

Top 5 Articles

Homemade Hamburger and Hotdog Rolls — Where’s a good hotdog bun when you need one? How about making your own? This recipe is easy-peasy. Frugal Upstate Via Being Frugal

The Secret to Falling In Love with Your Home All Over Again — This post is sweet, and reminds us of what is truly important when buying a home. Frugal Dad

Four Ways to Keep Winter Clothes Pristine in Storage — You have all your sweaters, but what do you do with them until next year? Follow these tips for clean and comfy duds when you need them! Divine Caroline

Warren Buffet on the Lottery of Birth — This is an issue I’ve had to discuss with my kids a few times already. Read for an intriguing perspective. Get Rich Slowly

31 Days to a Better Grocery Budget — This is a series sure to help anyone looking to save money on food, but doesn’t know where to start! Money Saving Mom

Other Essential Reading

How and Why You Should Find Time to Read — If you’re only devouring online news headlines and LOLCat fodder lately, you may want to give this a try! Dumb Little Man

Extreme Couponing: Do Some People Go to Far?  Is having over 1,000 boxes of almost-free Jello a badge of frugality — or total nonsense? You be the judge. Rainy-Day Saver

42 Money Lessons from 19 Very Frugal Bloggers — We love so many of the bloggers who helped compile this piece. Read on for expert recommendations and additional resources! CESI Debt Solutions

Rotarix Recall? Perhaps We Need a Vaccine for the Vaccines — Just when I thought I knew the names of all the vaccines (and the safety guidelines for each), this jumps out at me. Get informed! Parenting Squad

How to Play the Cash-back Game — Ebates, Bing, ShopAtHome, and so many more offer you a percentage of your purchase back in cash. But what’s the catch, and is it worth it? MSN Money

Thanks to Frugal for Life for including us in the Festival of Frugality #223: The Silver Edition!

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Guy G.


I remember when my mom was single with three of us under 12
And was scratching her head for tips on bugeting.
I remember she found a book at the library called 'Make you own Groceries'
We even went as far as to make our own ketchup.
I know she doesn't have tme to do any of that now, but when we did, it sure got us through a tight time.


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I wish I had seen the hot dog article yesterday as I just bought some buns for tonight! Thanks for all the great posts and links you always bring us!

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I love your writing and I love hot dogs. What a combination. The best dogs may be in Philly and not New York city!

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