Best Money Tips: Does Your Investment Strategy Need to be on Ritalin?

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we look at how to get more focus in your investment plans and what you can do to prepare for those anticipated holiday guests.  We also share over 22 of the best bread machine recipes, 10 financial to-do's for before the end of the year, and how to make some kickin' jump ropes from speaker wire!

Top 5 Articles of the Week

22 Bread Machine Recipes: Breads, Rolls, and More – Monkey bread, Portuguese White, and Pita Bread are just a few of the amazing recipes included in this top-notch list.  (And the dessert options like cream-cheese filled breadsticks and cinnamon rolls can’t be beat!) TipNut 

Preparing for Holiday Guests – Opening your home with warmth and style takes a little more work than just providing a clean set of sheets and towels.  Get the rundown on what you can do before they arrive, to make their stay extra joyful!  Unclutterer 

50 Christmas Gift Ideas: Make Your Own Personalized Gifts – We’ve seen quite a few “make your own Christmas gift” lists, lately.  These are especially clever!  Money Help For Christians 

Speaker-Wire Jump Rope – Just one more very affordable way to stay in shape this winter.  Get the supply list, plus directions, for a quirky custom-made rope for under $5.  Ready Made 

Does Your Investment Strategy Need to be on Ritalin?  If your investments seem a bit ADD, maybe it’s time to take a look at these hardcore strategies for pulling it all together.  Rabbit Funds


Other Essential Reading 

Top 10 Financial To-Do’s Before Year’s End – It’s more than just taxes we’re talking about.  Get the dirt on that very important checklist that you need done before 2010!  Tonka Beans 

Income Tax Rates: What’s Your Bracket?  They have finally been released!  Find out if you’re stuck with a hefty tax bill this year in this slightly modified version of last year’s bracket.  Five Cent Nickel 

5 Financial Rules for Women – These are must-know rules for everyone, but they seem especially useful for women (who often fail to safeguard against the pitfalls of joint funds.)  Peak Personal Finance 

How to Properly Use Headhunters – They can be very useful, but you should know what you’re getting into.  This quick primer covers the necessary details.  Bargaineering 

Practice the Fundamentals of Price Negotiation – You don’t have to have “savings ninja” or “price-guru” in your title to execute these nifty tips.  Find out how to ask for (and receive) the price you want on anything.  Realm of Prosperity



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