Best Money Tips: Financial Lessons of Cheese Peddler


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we share lessons learned from a cheese peddler, how bottled water stands up to filtered tap, and 10 decorating ideas for fun and frugal homes!

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Financial Lessons of Cheese Peddler — This very well done post spells out the psychology of buying and selling in an entertaining and accurate way! Magical Penny

Visa Credit Card Acceptance Guidelines — Did you know that under Visa rules, retailers can"t require you to show ID as a term of sale? Good to know! See all the guidelines for retailers in this useful article. Five Cent Nickel

Taste Test Experiment: Bottled Waters vs. Filtered Tap — Can you taste the difference? See the results of this slightly-scientific (but very entertaining) experiment. Len Penzo

$25 + 1 Hour of Sunday Prep = 5 Healthy Lunches (Plus Munchies) — The title really does say it all. (Take special note of the lemony pasta sauce!) Lemondrop

10 Decorating Ideas for Fun, Frugal Homes — As an avid piggy bank lover, I totally loved this article! Find out 9 other ways to give your home personality, without breaking the bank. Money Saving Blog

Other Essential Reading

With Credit Drying Up, Where Can You Turn for Student Loans? — It's not so easy finding money for that next semester. This article gives you a little more hope, and some ideas you may not have considered before. WalletPop

Life in Grad School Doesn't Have to Suck (All Your Money ) — These clever tips come from someone who's been there. Read up to get the most of your post-secondary experience! Budgets are Sexy

Baby Steps to (Re)Build Savings — I know many people who have cashed out all their savings due to lost jobs, home loss, or other unfortunate events. This article gives solid advice for getting back on track. Blogging for Change

Award-Winning Steak Chili Recipe to Feed a Crowd for Under $25 — This guy had me at "chili." See how to turn some common ingredients, a lovely cut of beef, and some TLC into a crowd-pleasing meal that won't leave you cash-strapped. Generation X Finance

5 Credit Cards You Don’t Want in Your Wallet — If $170 in fees for a secured credit card makes you drool — well, we really can't help you. See the other four "losers" of the credit card game in this yucky, yet insightful article. Time

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I was thrilled for J at Budgets are Sexy to include my article Financial lessons of a cheese pedlar in the carnival and I continue to be surprised after finding it here on one of my favourite sites, Wisebread.

Thanks for including the round-up of the carnival here -there certainly are some great posts in this collection.

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There's no way anyone can tell the difference between bottled water and filtered tap water. It's water.... BESIDES, who drinks water for the taste? We're not talking red wine here...water is simply to quench thirst. That's all. Gulp it down and save a few bucks.

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I can taste the difference. And it's not tap water that I hate, it's a very popular brand of bottled water. I can not stand it: it tastes bad - at least to me. My family and friends have tried pouring it into other bottles or into cups to 'trick' me into drinking it. One sip is all it takes to identify it!
Of course, if I'm thirsty I'll drink it anyway but if I have an option I won't pick it up.

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That's what you get for writing an awesome post Adam! :) And thx Wisebread for my inclusion too! Or my frugal wife's, really. Haha...