Best Money Tips: How to Apply for a Loan at a Peer to Peer Lender

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we tell you how to apply for a loan at a peer-to-peer lending site, the six biggest investing mistakes, and how to set up your ride for the ultimate office on wheels!

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How to Apply for a Loan at a Peer to Peer Lender — Having only been a lender (and not a borrower), I enjoyed this tutorial on how to get a loan through online sites like Lending Club and Prosper. Give it a read, and get all your questions answered! The Digerati Life

How to Put Your Office on Wheels — Road Warriors, listen up! There’s a safer (and more tech-savvy) way to take your computer and gadgets on the road, and you won’t need to balance your laptop on your center console, anymore. This tutorial is full of product suggestions, photos, and tips for setting up your office from inside your car. (Just don’t work and drive!) Tom’s Guide

Eat for Eight Bucks: Creamy Cabbage and Potatoes — $8 is a bit much for feeding our family of 6 at dinner time (yeah, we’re cheap), but this recipe is delicious-looking AND has room for some additional budget cuts. (We grow our own potatoes and cabbage, so our cost would be $2 less.) Make it your way, and fill up for less! Serious Eats

Ditching Your Job: A Reality Check — Before you get set on leaving your job for the wonderful world of freelancing, read this piece. It’ll better prepare you for the hard (but rewarding) road ahead. Freelance Switch

The Six Biggest Investing Mistakes — Yikes! Some of us are guilty of at least one of these common but risky investing tactics. Are you? Check out how Free Money Finance breaks down the article from CNN Money.

Other Essential Reading

Pick the Coupon Organizer that Works for You — When my commercial organizer was lost at the store recently, I was really bummed! I had to start from scratch with a DIY system, since I couldn’t justify buying another one. Lucky for me, there are four alternatives to putting together your own system — pick the on that suits your personality! All You

10 Ways to Teach Your Children about Money — Short and sweet, these tips are right on. Great for parents or anyone looking to have them soon! Kids and Money

Free Unlimited Calling: Make Google Voice One of your Five — Warning: the cell phone companies may not like (or even allow) this one! Check out a quick hack to making free cell calls, regardless of your calling plan. Money Talks

Family Budget Boot Camp — What better way to learn about finances than through the eyes of a real family — right? While it may seem a little like reality TV, this blog project of is an honest look at all kinds of families, and their attempts to improve their finances. Read back through over a month of stories and insights for the real deal! Parenting

13 Things Your Home Remodeler Won’t Tell You — Sometimes, it’s too costly to guess what you’re remodeler may be up to. Check out this list of common truths you need to know before you hire your help. Family Handyman

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I don't know, those prices seem mightly high for vegetables. Right now in midstate PA, cabbage is 50 cents or under a pound and depending on the potatoes, (ie russets, red, etc.) you can get a 5 pound bag for 2.50. Head lettuce is 99 cents apiece this week. And onions are less than what she quotes. Outside of CA most people could probably make the dish for around $3, even with the olive oil and butter.