Best of Personal Finance Roundup: How to Hide Naughty Credit Card Purchases

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. In this article, we show you what "naughty" purchases you should avoid putting on your credit card, how to cook a pork roast, and 7 truths about becoming a celebrity assistant (just in case you're being considered for a promotion). We also share some of the most yummy Christmas Cookie recipes, ever!

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How to Hide Naughty Credit Card Purchases — Did you know that your purchasing history can help creditor create a profile for future credit risk scoring? Things you shouldn’t put on your credit cards can include: speeding tickets, adult bookstore purchases, and a few other “unmentionables.” Get the dirty details here. Realm of Prosperity

Five Festive Christmas Cookies to Share With Family and Friends — This post came as a result of technical difficulties on a planned video post (so Kris came to the rescue with some of the most fabulous cookie recipes I’ve ever seen). Can we admit that we’re kind of glad things didn’t work out for the original post? This topic (and the Oreo Cookie Truffle recipe) is definitely sweeter! Get Rich Slowly

How to Cook a Pork Roast — Even if you don’t eat pig, this tasty tutorial gives you all the tips you need to roast any hunk of meat for a special occasion. Yummy looking and super-juicy, there is no excuse to pass it up!

7 Truths About Becoming a Celebrity Assistant — Did George Clooney recently offer you the dream job of becoming his right-hand man (or woman?) Not so fast. These awesome facts give you the inside scoop on being a celebrity assistant — assuming anything would keep you away from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Divine Caroline

8 Names You Know, R.I.P — As a Saturn driver, this piece makes me especially sad. See what other brands were loved (and lost) in 2009.

Other Essential Reading

AMC Theaters Ban Outside Snacks — So it’s official: Sneaking in outside food at your local AMC is not only slightly unethical, it’s totally against policy.< So what’s a hungry and frugal movie-goer to do? Read on for details of other movie theater policies and how you can cope. SmartSpending

Brazen Careerist’s Best Blog Posts of 2009 — This nifty list features some of the best work, life, and productivity posts that the Brazen Careerist has published in 2009. Of special interest? Our own WC is in the running with Why We Want More Money! The Brazen Careerist

Life Without Cable TV: Week One — This truthful look at whether it’s possible to make the transition from paid cable services to free or pay-per-view alternatives gives us much to think about. Yes, it is possible to buy all those HBO shows from iTunes and save big bucks! Consumerism Commentary

Grilling Guide: Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Mortgage — These 8 questions could save you thousands of dollars and a whole lot of stress and worry. Get a list of things to ask, and the answers you need to hear, before you apply for that mortgage. FiLife

Army Wives Home Deco: Create Your Own Hump Bar — Lifetime’s series “Army Wives” inspired this unique idea for a clever home “Hump Bar.” Whether you choose to serve liquor, or just fancy coffee drinks, the tips are clever, fashionable, and frugal to employ. Lifetime Moms

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