Best of Personal Finance Roundup: How to Sew a Button On Correctly


Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we give you the skills to sew on a button, kill some cockroaches, or make a better breakfast!

Top 5 Articles

How to Sew a Button On Correctly — This should be a no-brainer, but I never really learned this skill. Get the easy-peasy directions to keep you buttoned up tight. The Digerati Life

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches (or) Kill a Cockroach Invasion — Yuck. There’s little more disgusting than these resilient and filthy bugs. Learn some tips to kick them out — for good. Bargaineering

10 Things Millionaires Won’t Tell You — It can be a strangely difficult life for a millionaire. Read the secrets they aren’t likely to tell you about. Smart Money via Free Money Finance

Discount Health plans are NOT Health Insurance — Quite possibly one of the more misleading products on the market, discount health plans are becoming a popular alternative to health insurance. (But they are not an equal replacement.) Smart Spending

Combat the Closing Techniques: The Puppy Dog Close — Be aware of some of the more sneaky selling tactics in this series that will help most any buyer. Good stuff! Eliminate the Muda

Other Essential Reading

Better Breakfast: Two Ways — Ever heard of quinoa? If not, you may be missing out on a healthy, tasty way to start your day! Recipes included. Slashfood

Get More Done by Organizing “Just Enough” — This piece speaks to my soul (and probably because I’m a lazy organizer). See why often organization is the biggest time waster of all, and how you can strike the perfect balance. Small Notebook via LifeHacker

Decorate for $30 or Less — Between the fab products and the DIY tips in this article, I’m inspired! Make the most of your home with just a small amount of cash and this photo article. All You

The Egg McMuffin-Unemployment Connection — I’m not surprised at all that fast-food breakfast sales are down, while unemployment is up. See the facts behind this trend in this head-scratching read. TIME: It’s Your Money

Why Teens Should Have Roth IRA’s — Whoa! Really? Explaining it to your teen may be difficult, but the benefits will last a (literal) lifetime. Mainstreet

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I'm a really big fan of your roundup. I wish I had enough time to go through the PF blogosphere but I don't!

Thanks for the shortlist!

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Love your input :)

Linsey Knerl

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Making the Yakezie Clan proud.


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