Best Money Tips: How to Stop Drinking Soda

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. We know that some of you are looking to kick that expensive soda habit — and we’ve got tips to help you do it! We’ll also share how to revive your water-damaged cell phone, why LED’s are total money-savers, and the 100 money experts you should follow on Twitter. (Here’s a hint: We made the list!)

Top 5 Articles

How to Stop Drinking Soda — For some, this will be a major battle come time for New Year’s Resolutions. Start now by reading this clever article. There may just be hope for us yet. Brip Blap

Frugal Fix: How to Revive Your Water Damaged Cell Phone — This should be on everyone’s reading list, even before you crack open that 100-page cell phone owner’s manual. The law of physics says that your cell phone will eventually end up in the toilet, a puddle, or a glass of water — we promise! Fiscal Geek

100 Money Experts You Should Follow and Learn from on Twitter — We love this list (and not just because we’re on it). Expand your personal finance, tax, and wealth-building horizons with this stellar list of Twitter all-stars. Accredited Online Colleges

LED’s = Yuletide Savings —We love them for their “green” reputation, but did you ever think about the cash savings of using LED’s for your holiday lighting? Check out this quick calculation of how much you can really save. Dollar Stretcher

How to Write a Great Financial Mission Statement — Mission statements aren’t just for businesses and charities…they also work well for people who want to meet their financial goals. Before you “Just Do It”, figure out just what “It” is. Fiscal Fizzle

Other Essential Reading

5 Common Misconceptions about Bankruptcy — You may not lose your home if you file bankruptcy, and this is just one of several myths surrounding the controversial, but often necessary, financial move. Get the facts before you file. Money Ning

The Secrets to Buying Olive Oil — This magical oil can make food tasty, healthy, and, well, just plain “special.” There are tips you should know before plunking down your grocery money for what you may think is good oil. This is essential foodie reading. The Daily Beast

How to Say No to Great Opportunities — Knowing that you can’t have it all is step one, of course. But how do you actually close the window of opportunity, even when it looks so good? Dumb Little Man

10 Vegetable Seed Suppliers — Now is the time to start planning that garden, and step one is getting your seeds together. This handy list of exotic, heirloom, and regional veggie seeds is outstanding, and sure to set you on the path toward a sustainable, edible garden! Chow

Are You a Credit Card Junkie? Learn How to Kick the Habit — This simple quiz can tell you in a few minutes just how bad your credit addiction is. Thankfully, the advice given afterwards just may get you motivated to take steps towards rehabilitation! Generation X Finance

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Thanks for including my post in today's roundup!

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Hi, thanks for your roundup for personal finance.

For me, the money saving tip is to look for grocery coupons before you go to any grocery store such like price chopper or CVS. PriceChopper always gives you a lot of coupons after your check out. I will put all these kinds of coupons into my coupon book by the date time order. That save me large amount of money.

Another tip is to shop online. Amazon will offer some grocery coupons every month. And sometimes you can save up to 50% off for drink or sneaks. I love amazon, so I build a coupon site for it.

I also sign up for all deals or coupon sites mail list to get their promotion coupons online.

Anyway, keep in mind that you should try to look for coupons before you buy anything.

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Love these roundups, Linsey. Keep up the good work!

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I've just recently stopped soda. It wasn't as hard as I thought. I gave up caffeine in October after a few hard tries and finally successful and just had to work on the non-caff soda and finally did it!

Good Luck to Everyone!


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Thanks for including my tips in the roundup - and don't wait for Jan. 1 to stop drinking soda! :)

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That article that includes the list of twitter experts is an excellent and easy way to get personal finance advice. Too bad I normally drink soda while browsing twitter.