Best Money Tips: I’ve Got One of the Recalled Toyotas. Now What?

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. Today, we tell you what you need to know if you're driving a recalled Toyota, how to keep your budget under control when guests come to stay, and how much it really costs to have sick kids in your home.

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I've Got One of the Recalled Toyotas. Now What? With too many of these cars on the road to count, it may be a concern for a recalled model owner. Your recourse may be anything from doing nothing to getting a lawyer, according to this handy article. Smart Spending

7 Ways to Control Spending When You Have Out-of-Town Guests — Just because your guests are on vacation, doesn't mean you have to be. This is just the first of many wise tips for keeping your budget in check when you have guests — for any length of time! The Sun's Financial Diary

Super Bowl Snacks — From Cobb Salad Dip to Rocky Road bars, the photos in this slideshow will have you cheering well before the big game. Click on the recipe links to get the full details on each delicious suggestion. Chow

Simple Solutions to Every Day Issues — Got kids? Got dirty towels, cups, and backpacks laying all over your floor? These tips reinforce responsible habits AND seem to get the job done with minimal nagging. (There is nothing like natural consequences to teach a lesson.) Nesting Place

The Cost of Sick Kids — Even if you don't work outside of the home, there are hidden expenses to having your brood come down with an illness. Get familiar with this reality before they get sick, and maybe factor a little extra into the budget during cold and flu season. Money Smart Life

Other Essential Reading

Frugal Storage Solutions — I like the way Amy thinks in this article, which suggests that you really take inventory of what you have before you head out and start picking up expensive (albeit, pretty) containers to put it in. Perfect for the clutterbug with a New Year's Resolution! Mom Advice

Camping Tips for People Who Don't Like Camping — Bathrooms! Yes, you can camp with running water. In fact, our last campground even had a Jacuzzi! This list is great for anyone who's against "roughing it" and is also a super set of suggestions for anyone traveling with small children. The Simple Dollar

How Can I Avoid Getting Screwed Buying on Craigslist? — With all the talk of Craigslist psychos and deals gone bad, it can be intimidating to get out there and grab a great bargain. Don't let it be. This article has lots of good advice for anyone wanting to play the Craigslist field safely. Lifehacker

Trump on Jobs, Real Estate, and Rosie — This brief but punchy interview with "The Donald" is an interesting read (no matter how you feel about the mogul, personally). Main Street

How to Make Full-time Money as a Part-Time Writer — This article goes into a little more detail than other "how to make money writing" pieces. Give it a read, if you're interested in expanding into blogging or writing professionally! Dough Roller

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Linsey, thanks for the mention. Now I'm off to read the other articles in your list!

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I have a friend that wanted to get a corolla. The day before he was about to go to the dealership to see if he could get a new car they released the statement that they were no longer selling them. I guess it's a good thing he didn't buy it.

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Thanks for highlighting my article on the costs of having sick kids. I'm so ready for the winter (and flu season) to be over!

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Thank you so much for adding the frugal storage solutions article to your links this week. It means so much! I can't wait to read some of these other great articles. You always have such fabulous round-ups!

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Dang. My mom just got a Corolla. If she'd waited a while, she'd be able to get the repaired post-recall Corollas at a good discount.

The problem seems to be a part that seizes up when it gets worn down.

I bet a squirt of WD40 would fix it.

Also, there's this problem with floor mats grabbing the accelerator - so remove the floor mat until T gives you a better one.

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The simple solutions article is a great one. Loved it. Keep it up!