Best of Personal Finance Roundup: MasterCard Acceptance Guidelines

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best of Personal Finance roundup. Today, we give you insight into how retailers should treat your MasterCard, 24 secret menus at your favorite eateries, and how to whip up an amazing stewed lamb ribs dish.

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MasterCard Acceptance Guidelines — We’ve already shared the ways that Visa can and can’t be used at your local merchant, but what about good ol’ MC? Get the details on policies and guidelines for merchants accepting the card. Five Cent Nickel

24 Secret Restaurant Menus Revealed — Wonder what will happen if you walk into your local McDonald’s and ask for the Land, Sea, and Air Burger? This is just one of 100 items that may not be on your local menu, but you can still order from popular food chains! Coupon Sherpa

Is It Smart to Co-Sign for Your Child — Parents are usually the ones that know their children the best, so why is it always a surprise when kids default on co-signed loans? These tips can help you determine if it is ever a good idea to co-sign (although each kid will be radically different — use your best judgment). Million Dollar Journey

Pop’s Stewed Lamb Ribs Special — My goodness! If the pictures in this tutorial don’t get you, then the simple ingredient list certainly will. This recipe is proof that patience and technique can turn any affordable recipe into a masterpiece! My Wooden Spoon

Make Your Own Bloggy Button or Graphics with Picnik — I’m a big Picnik fan myself, so I was glad to see someone else taking advantage of this awesome service. If you don’t own a blog, consider these tips for making a customizable Twitter, Facebook, or forum avatar. It’s easy! Keeping the Kingdom First

Other Essential Reading

How to File A Consumer Complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) — If you’ve been ripped off and don’t want to let it go, there is a legal method to filing a complaint (even if it never quite gets resolved). Check out the PSA, compliments of the FTC. The Digerati Life

6 Ways to Find Free Money — If checking under your mattress has left you disappointed, you may want to review this list for totally “free” money strategies. Redeeming Riches

Bad Company 401K? There May be Other Options — Not all of us get the great 401K’s that are supposed to help us all fund our retirement in a seamless fashion. Get some good alternatives here. Personal Dividends

How to Get Work Done Anywhere — Whether you're on the road, or just trying to get a little bit accomplished on a sick day, these tools will help you get the job done.  My Life Scoop

Zero Nutritional Difference Between Campbell’s “Healthy” Tomato Soups and Regular (Just Higher Price) — Reading the label alone, there was no difference in the nutritional info provided on the “premium” version. What’s your take? Consumerist

Keep Car Windows from Fogging with a Potato — Sick of your goggles and windows fogging up? Try this nifty hack that uses a potato. We’re not kidding. LifeHacker

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What follows is a synopsis of MasterCard’s rules regarding card acceptance straight from their merchant guide. The rules regarding card acceptance aren’t quite as explicit as Visa’s in some areas, though there are many parallels. Also note that there are many more rules that what I’ve listed below — I tried to filter out the ones with the least everyday relevance.

Honor all cards. Merchants are required to honor all valid MasterCards without discrimination when properly presented for payment. Merchants may not discriminate amongst customers who seek to make purchases with a MasterCard, nor can they discriminate against or discourage the use of a MasterCard in favor of another brand.