Best Money Tips: Relax, Toy Hamsters Not Metalloid Death Bringers After All

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Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips roundup. In this article, we put your minds at ease with good news concerning the Zhu-Zhu pet scare, give you 13 tips for making sure you actually get your holiday purchase rebate, and provide one of the best tutorials for rotating your own car tires. (We’ll also show you how to use all those reusable grocery bags you haven’t been using as killer free gift wrap alternatives!)

Top 5 Articles

Relax, Toy Hamsters Not Metalloid Death Bringers After All — The L.A. Times reports on commentary from the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) and their findings in the recent Zhu-Zhu pet freak out. This is good news for kids everywhere. L.A. Times via The Consumerist

13 Tips to Receive Your Rebate Promptly — Some people swear that rebates never come, but this list of tips helps increase the chance you won’t be taken again. Coupon Sherpa

How to Rotate Your Car Tires — Before you shell out big bucks to have some high school kid at a chain store do this, read up and get confident in doing it yourself! You’ll save money and learn a valuable new skill. The Art of Manliness

Buttered Up: Disturbing New Facts about Movie Popcorn — Does the thought of consuming three McDonald’s Quarter Pounders with twelve pats of butter during your favorite flick leave you feeling a bit grossed-out? Apparently, it should. That’s what you are essentially consuming each time you over-pay for movie theater popcorn. Divine Caroline

11 Ways to Wrap Gifts Without Wrapping Paper — As someone whose kitchen drawers are overflowing with reusable shopping bags, this article is music to my frugal ears! Squawkfox

Other Essential Reading

10 Great Places to Savor Winter’s Flavors — Winter dining can be amazing, especially when a array of carefully prepared comfort foods adorn the menu. Check out these 10 hot spots for warming up in the chill of winter. (Some of the destinations are warm enough to warrant a quick trip.) USA Today

Duty-Free Shops: Not Really a Tax-Free Bargain — My heart skipped a beat when I read about the not-very-good deals being offered at most duty-free shops. Does that mean we should stay home and shop online? ABC News: The Business Traveler

Nab Yourself an Unadvertised Discount — Ask the salesperson these savvy questions to see if you can score a big discount! All You

How to Pick the Best and Greenest Christmas Tree — Yes, there’s still time to grab a tree, and if you’re at all concerned about what kind of tree is truly best for the environment, check out these tips! The Daily Green

What Annoys Americans the Most — It’s no surprise that we get a little perturbed from time-to-time, but do you know what tops our list of annoyances? Surprise! It’s not what you think… MainStreet

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Thanks, it's easy to miss out on ever receiving consumer rebates by not following the rules EXACTLY.

John DeFlumeri Jr

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It tell you the second the come in stock at Amazon. That's important because Amazon sells them at retail, and you won't get ripped off by third party sellers.

Give it a go, it works!

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Best. Roundup. Title. EVER.

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I take no credit, Andrea. The brilliant folks at Consumerist did all the hard work :)

Linsey Knerl